Anchor Boxing

conditions – 42 clear – no wind – PAX drove up to complete outdoor boxing gym laid out in front of the Anchor which enticed wonder and excitement in the gloom

PAX -9 – Conroy, Crack, Cocky, Grape Juice, Sunshine, Mr. Roboto, EEEEEEE, Boomer Sooner, Baby Shoes (QIC with Grape Juice)

Warm up – 20 SSH IC, 15 TTT, 20 IW, and 10 tempo merkins

Thang – SHAKE HOUSE BOXING challenge (Baby shoes got workout from Sammy Millhouse – trainer and owner of SHB in Bamberg, SC)

Pax paired off with one Pax running Anchor part of the park in front of marina for 3 minutes while partner did one of the following for the same amount of time then switched after 30 second rest. Partners rotate to next exercise after each doing 1 set. Each circuit took about 7 minutes for both partners to complete.

  1. Large Tractor tire – sets of 15 scissor jumps from inside the tire with feet landing on the inside left and right sided of the tire and then back inside then 15 crunches off the back of tire with feet secured by the inside of tire – AMRAP (as many sets as possible for 3 minutes
  2. Large exercise ball crunches – with feet on the ground and back on the ball – lean & roll back as far as possible and then crunch & roll forward for 3 minutes
  3. Jump rope with Baby Shoes fancy jump rope for 3 minutes
  4. Shadow box with resistance bands attached to lamp post – for 3 minutes
  5. Big Bag Burn out – box the big bag while doing high knees continuously for 3 minutes  with last 30 seconds double timed (burn out speed)

COT – prayed for Indonesian Mission trip and Dennis Family.

Moleskin – No sad clowns at the end of this workout – fun, hard and different with big props to Baby Shoes for trailering equipment, prep and set up. Looking forward to next Q.

Conroy (for Baby Shoes)


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