Washington Park Fun Day

Conditions – 38 but felt warm enough for shorts after warmup (it was not that warm)

PAX – Cocky, Crack, and Conroy (QIC) – Otter was sick


SSH x 30

TTT x 15

IW x 24

Tempo Merkin x 10


run to next block toward Charles ST

10 Merkins OYO

run down Charles to Por Republic

10 Merkins OYO

Run a block to Craven

10 Merkins

Run a block to North St

10 Merkins

Run a block to King St.

20 squats with good form

Run a block to Prince

10 sets of Lunges (Left then Righ make 1)

Run a block to Duke

20 Squats

Run a block to Washington

10 sets of Lunges

Run a block to Greene

20 Squats

Take left and Run to Newcastle and enter Washington St Park

4 corners – with rotating runner

Mountain Climbers, Derkins – body weight dips, bunny hops over balance beams – 1 Pax ran while other 2 performed exercises until all had done each station once.

Pull ups  and PAX called exercise – Cocky did first set AMRAP while Conroy and Crack did Merkins, Crack went next while Cocky and Conroy did LBCs and Conroy went last with Crack and Cocky doing American Hammer

Mountain Climbers x 20 – 4 counts

Derkins x 15 IC

double bar body weight dips again x10 – killer

Bunny hops side to side over and back over balance beams x 20 – Crack noted that his was taller and therefore harder and he was right.

PAX dragging at this point. –

Reverse Merkins on low bar x 20

Reverse Merkins on low bar x 15 ( these were like merkins put pulling your body weight up toward the sky until chest hit bar

Run back to Anchor

COT – prayers for Pat Dennis and family.

Moleskin – it was cold and difficult but fun to go to a new venue where there are a ton of possibilities. Coffeteria afterward – good fellowship.

– best – Conroy



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