Backblast for the Backblasts

  • When:01/23/2018
  • QIC:Joker
  • The PAX:14
    Stubbs, Dees Nuts, Do-Do, Soul Finger, Soul Glow, Dave Ramsey, Ray, Moped, Big Perm, Mr. Clean, Handy Manny, Big Spur, Coach K

14 men gathered to push each other. The weather was 55 and damp but agreeable.

Welcome & Warning

Side Straddle Hop
Through the Tunnel
Imperial Walkers

Mozy to Parking Lot

10 Burpees OYO x 3

50 Dips OYO

Mozy to the Tennis Courts

OYO 20 Merkins & 20 LBC’s

19 Merkins & 19 LBC’s….all the way down to 11.

Head to the Picnic Tables
40 Total Stepups

Mozy back to the Pad

Continue with 20’s counting down from 10.

Lieutenant Dan’s.

1-4 up to 10-40


Announcements: Pork Butt Sales…..Sell, Sell, Sell!

Prayer Requests
Dave Ramsey (Scott Bebee) traveling to Nigeria, praying for safe and productive Travel.

As always I love this group…when I miss a couple of days I feel out of tune, it’s always great to be with you gentlemen!

Speaking of Backblasts….the endless Merkins and LBC’s seemed to have an effect on multiple guys of having Backblasts of their own. Between the voluminous burps and farts we could have started our own choir….if Food Stamps ever shows up again we have our lead.

T-Claps to Stubbs for sticking with this in his second day. There was little doubt he gave everything he had the day before because he was hurling many times during the workout and yet he showed up this morning….well done Galen!

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