Happy Birthday to Me!

Conditions: Clear skies and 50 degrees Orion’s Belt is lovely this time of year.

Welcome: and acknowledged our 1 FNG for the day.

PAX: Bluejeans, Diapers, Joker, Judge Judy, Cubby, Buckeye, Urkel, Coach K, Ray, Stones, Chumbucket, Peaches, Galen Knighten Jr. (Stubbs), Big Spur, Compost, Swanson (QIC)

Disclaimer: was provided, I’m definitely not a professional, advised to workout at their own risk and push the man next to you.

Warm-Up: (IC unless otherwise stated)

  • SSS x 41
  • Arm Circles x 20.5 each way
  • IW x 15 (I was going to go to 41 but felt the weight of the PAX barring down on me)

The Thang:

Mosey to the bridge

Lunges over bridge

Mosey to Church of the Cross (waiting on the six)


Trinity Run

Broke the PAX up into 3 groups, all started at the intersection of Water St. and Calhoun St. with 10 Merkins. Group 1 runs down to the dock and back Group 2 runs down Water St. and back Group 3 runs down Water St. (Church side) and back. All PAX then do 20 squats, run down the next street and 30 LBCs AMRAP at this point


Mosey back to corner of Pritchard Street and Bridge Street with stops at each stop sign waiting on the six (with an Al Gore).


Jailbreak to parking lot with all PAX coming back for the six.



American Hammers x 41

Flutters x 15



Prayer Request: Prayer requests for Urkel and his family, and all unspoken requests.

Announcements: Sell butts, sell butts, sell butts. Sign-up to work through the website. Diapers questioned where to sign up, the response was http://www.facebook.com.

Moleskin: Sunday I noticed the Q sheet was still empty for the next day… I felt compelled to sign up since it was my 41st birthday, what better place and group to spend it with. I knew it was going to be a crowd pleaser when we started out with 41 Side Straddle Hops, I heard a little chatter. During the run to the Church I was questioned why I didn’t provide a through the tunnel to help catch their breath, sorry it’s my birthday.

The Trinity Run turned out better than I expected, I was joyous to see that each group stayed together during the runs. I was glad to see Joker keep a close watch on our FNG, and heard that a little Merlot was splashed (hopefully not of the Church’s green grass).

T-claps for the entire group, after the jailbreak back to the parking lot, everyone came back for the six. I commend this group for truly making this an activity that is encouraging and helps to build each other up. I’m excited to be a part of this great group of men and i’m thankful to lead you in the gloom.


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