I Had No Plan

  • When: 01/25/2018
  • QIC: Handy Manny
  • The PAX:13
    Sawed Off, Michael Bolton, Ray, Mr. Clean, Moped, Joker, Coach K, Big Spur, Foot Long, Yo-Yo Ma, Urkel, Swanson
  • Conditions: Clear, 40 degrees (cold)

13 Men were lead to believe your QIC had no plan for this mornings workout; which there was none. It turned out an AMWRAP plan fell into place and after the first round your QIC realized this was going to suck. But we must press on.

Welcome, Intro, Disclaimer
– Added disclaimer – QIC wears contacts and ran out this week. Everybody looked really fuzzy. If you cheated on reps, I would never know.
– QIC also for got to ask if any FNG’s were present

Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise):
– 50 SSH
– 20 Arm circles forward/20 backwards
– 10 Burpess OYO
– 20 Windmills
– 10 Plank Jack Burpess OYO
– 15 TTT

The Thang: (What turned into an AMWRAP)

–¬†5 Pull ups (mozy to the parking lot)
Р10 Bobby Hurley Bursts
– 20 V ups

Mozy to the knee wall past the Main Entrance

– 30 Step up (15 each leg)
– 40 Dips
– 50 LBC’s
Mozy back to the Pull ups

All PAX did 4 rounds (1.36 miles run)

Mozy to the school traffic circle, jail break back to the pad.

– 30 Flutters
-20 Backscratchers


Prayer Requests
Any all unspoken prayers for those in attendance and those who were not.

Prayer Praises
Sawed Off’s new job – Congratulations!

Sign Up sheet to for the Pork Butt sales Рplease sign up if you can. Help will be needed on Thursday, can use more help on Friday and Saturday. There is a direct link on the Q signup sheet under the Pork Butt tab. Go to the website and sign up. Still need cookers, tables and chairs. 173 have been pre-ordered, the goal is 300. SELL THOSE BUTTS! Deadline for pre-sales is Tuesday 1/30/18.

Happy Hour today at Cheap Seats II on Burnt Church Rd.

It seems a few PAX do not like 50 SSH
T-Claps to Moped who was going through the AMWRAP faster than anyone else. He may have gotten 5 rounds in.
T-claps to everyone for sticking together and helping the 6 on the last round.
Mr. Clean hurt his knee on the concrete knee wall while doing the step-ups. Lets hope and pray it’s nothing serious.
Your QIC was happy and honored to lead everyone this morning. It’s tough knowing¬†you are putting¬†PAX through anguish and pain (and possible injury) but it’s great at the end everyone walked away a better man. Keep it up and spread the love to¬†some FNG’s.

Handy Manny


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