Yacht Club 21s and Donuts 🍩

Yacht Club 21s and Donuts 

Conditions: Dark, 56 degrees, light wind, pleasant

Pax:  Spicoli, ChumBucket, Cookies, Meat Gazer, Hard Hat, Bartman, Spalding,  spaghettiO, Narco, Smog, Shingles QIC

Fart Sack: Don’t get me started….again…


  1.  20 SSH
  2. CB comes in late so we all do 20 Burpees
  3. MG then shows so we plank until he’s done with his 20.
  4. 25 Monkey Humpers per request…Cookies.  Example by CB x2
  5. 20 SSH since we were interrupted by tardiness…
  6. 10 Arm Circles IC Both Directions
  7. 10 Imperial Squat Walker….Slow…
  8. 15 Windmill…..slow IC
  9. Mosey around ENTIRE mall because Q let CB pace.


1. Grab your Token and head to the field.

2.  21s to consist of Merkin with Block, Curl with Block, Big Boy

Start with one of each then mosey with your block to the other side and do 2 of each.  Then back to the other side with your block and do three of each….and so on.  Easy at first, right?

When leaders hit 11, Q call audible for 25 Monkey 🐵 Humpers, then back to the grind.

When leaders hit 15, Q calls another audible and we leave our blocks and  do “Bartman Lunges” over and back then back to work.

Pax continue to finish all the way up to 21 of each.  Leaders take a money lap and then “Motivate” the rest of us as we all finish strong.

231 Merkins, 231 Big Boyz, 231  Curls with token

Leave blocks at the donut stand then another mosey lap to the flag.



On your 6.

40 flutters IC




I was out sick a couple days last week and really missed the fellowship of F3.  This has become a very positive impact on my life as I’ve seen it do the same for my fellow Pax.  I’m always humbled by the willpower and strength of the group and individuals.  I’m watching “Life Changing” progress in my brothers on a weekly basis.

Circle of Trust, general prayers for Pax and families.

Coffee after at Starbucks for second F.

QIC forgot the flag but our 12th Pax, 🦑, went and retrieved it before was used as “Demonstrative  propaganda” for the next women’s march…


Disclaimer: This backblast is done to the best of my recollection.  I’m sure there are some mistakes and  inconsistencies.



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