All Aboard

  • When: January 29, 2018
  • QIC: Swanson
  • The PAX: 13
    Ballcock, Buckeye, Chumbucket, Floride, Kiffin, Ray, Cubbie, Animal, Blue Jeans, Gambit, Compost, & Urkel
  • Conditions: Light mist to start, 64 degrees (heavy rain from the night before)

For a second week in a row no one had the Q for Monday. I saw my opportunity to step out and step up to lead again. With my new shoes and no shin splint pain, I decided that we would have some P200 conditioning.

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer (No FNG’s)

Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise):

  •  SSH x 25
  • TTT x 20
  • Arm Circles – 13 Forward/ 12 Backwards

The Thang:

Mosey to the Bridge – Lunge walk over
Mosey to Bridge/Calhoun Intersection – 20 Big Boy Situps (BBS)
Mosey to Bridge/Wharf Intersection – 20 Carolina Dry Docks (CDD)
Mosey to Wharf/May River – Lunge walk 50 yards (some PAX took the scenic route around Thomas Hayward)
Mosey to May River/Calhoun – 20 BBS
Mosey to Capt’n Woodies – 20 CDD
Mosey to State of Mind/46 – Lunge walk 50 yards then a Jailbreak to 46/May River
Mosey to Bruin/Pritchard – 20 BBS
Mosey to Pritchard/Tabby Shell Lunge walk 50 yards (some PAX got some extra in down Tabby Shell)
Mosey to the ECC Bus Lot – 20 OYO Shoulder Presses & 20 OYO Behind the Head Presses with some 57 Stone Rip Rap
Finally Mosey to back way to the Shovel Flag.

Mary: PAX Called out for 6 minutes of Mary; Flutter Kicks, Air Humpers, & Dirty Dogs


Prayer Requests: Animal – Family Friend being arrested, Buckeye – Patience, turning off work when he gets home to focus on his family.

Announcements: Sell more Butts! Everything is coming together for a big Friday smoke and Saturday pick up.

Moleskin:  It was a crowd pleaser with the first set of BBS, with the road still wet from the rain that had just stopped everyone enjoyed a cool refreshing backside. We ran a total of 2.5 miles, which for me was an accomplishment, for the past 2 months I’ve been struggling with shin splints.

I encourage everyone to sign up and Q a workout. I’m by far the slowest runner out there, but it feels great knowing that it doesn’t matter if you’re the fastest and strongest or the slowest and weakest you can lead a workout that benefits all.

As always, it is a pleasure to lead this group of men!

Swanson Out.

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