The Cooper and Morning Call for the YC

No better way to run faster than to run faster…

QIC: Bartman

Conditions:  Dark, cool 45, breezy…perfect for a little suffering.

PAX:  Spicoli, Shingles, Chumbucket, Cookies (Respect), Narco, Spaulding, Hardhat, Meat Gazer, Ne Ne, Bartman QIC


  1. Arm circles IC both directions x 30
  2. Imperial Walkers IC x 40
  3. SSH IC x 50
  4. Mosey

The Thang

The Cooper–Lap, 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 merkins, Sprint lap-AYG, 9 burpees, 9 squats, 9 merkins…continue down to 1, alternating mosey and sprint laps.

Morning Call–All but one PAX get into push-up position and hold the up position while one guy counts off doing 5 pull-ups. Every time a pull-up is called out, the PAX does a merkin. After 5 pull-ups, he joins the PAX and the next guy gets up and calls out his 5 pull-ups.

Mosey to the flag for some 7 min of Mary

American Hammers IC x 30

Back scratchers IC x 30

Flutters IC x 30

Plank, alternating right and left arms up


Finish off with more American Hammers IC x 25


Announcements–Sell more Butts and sign up for the meat prep.

Prayer requests–Healing for Squids knees and Spauldings wife who has the flu.

Moleskin–Always great to take the Q with this group of men and get inspired by the effort they give every workout.  Keep it up boys!!

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