Q – /kyo͞o/  noun:

  • the seventeenth letter of the alphabet.
  • a man who takes responsibility and leadership of the outcome of an F3 event.
  • pieces of swine (also referred to as Boston Butts) slow cooked in multiple smokers over two days by the men of F3 Lowcountry. Sometimes other food and beverages are involved.

Conditions: Friday AM- Very light showers early morning, giving way to plenty of sun. Friday PM – Sunny & 60 degrees turned to clear night sky dropping into the upper 30’s. Saturday AM – Clear skies with temps raising to the low 50’s.

PAX: (QIC) Swanson, Chumbucket, Judge Judy, Dabo, Stubbs, Ballcock, Mr. Clean, Diapers, Dwight, Peaches, Simpson, Static, Floride, Paris, Stones, Foodstamps, Cubbie, 12 Gauge, Squeeler, Buckeye, Gambit, Jack Sparrow, Gump, Big Perm, Big Spur, Kiffin, Gatorbait, Handy Manny, Ray,  & countless others…

Warm Up: YHC took it upon himself to step up to the plate for this event; I’ve been talking the talk about my smoking skills, so I needed to prove it. A few days before the ‘great smoke’ I talked to the guys in the Meat Dept. at Sam’s Club to make sure that the we would have enough butts for the event. I was very unsettled for days, until I walked in to the store on Friday morning and saw my 39 cases of butts sitting there waiting for me (a sigh of relief).

Judge Judy, Chumbucket, Stubbs and Dabo showed up to help pick up the goods. After 30 minutes of trying to pay for the $4,600 worth of pork, YHC took-off to the AO to prepare for the Beat Down that was about to begin.

The Thang: (IC unless otherwise noted)

  • Set up tables x 5
  • Set up tents x 4 (we even allowed for Ballcock’s Clemson tent to be put up)
  • Stoked the fires in the smokers x 8
  • Seasoned the Sowbellies with my own secret recipe
  • Round 1 – over 150 butts are put on the smokers. (Between 9:30 -11:00 am)
  • Dabo was insistent on cramming as many butts on the smokers as possible (especially when YHC wasn’t looking)
  • The first butts that started to come off were around 3:30 pm, all the PAX got to savor to fruits of their labor. It was short lived when we checked some of the other smokers that were no where close to being ready.
  • Around 6 pm YHC left for a little dinner with the M and the 2.0s. I came back to what can only be describe as a three ring circus. The AO was transformed to what looked like a SCDOT night crew working on 278. A 20′ Sunbelt Rental light was erected casting a smoky haze on the entire site.
  • The PAX broke into small groups to perform the exercise. Some were on the smokers pulling the butts off. Others were responsible for shredding the Q and the last group were standing around the fire pit drinking and trying to stay warm (like typical construction workers).
  • A few years ago in a different life I invested in a pork puller, it attaches to a power drill and shreds the pork butt in seconds. Gone are the days of standing around chopping meat. A lot of the PAX had an opportunity to work the pork puller. Everyone had their own technique; Foodstamps had the sneak attack method, while Floride and Mr. Clean had more conservative approach. The tried and true method was the quick trigger and squat.
  • Rinse and repeat for the next 18 hours.
  • After being at the AO for 16 hours, YHC  looked at Cubbie and left him in charge #Co-Q, heading to the house and the 2nd shift pit masters and graveyard PAX took over.
  • I showed back up at 7 the next morning to Cubbie cooking sausage and eggs. A spatula in one hand and a Mich Ultra in the other. T-claps to Cubbie, Kiffin, Big Perm and Ballcock for hanging till dawn (sorry if I missed any others). #AllNighter
  • At this point all 350 butts had been seasoned, smoked, shredded and packed. Now came time to pass out all of the butts.
  • As people came and went, the PAX enjoyed hanging out, joking around and getting in some serious F2.
  • The clean up crew did a great job cleaning up all of the smokers, picking up the trash, breaking down all of the tables, and dismantling all of the tents. Except Ballcock’s Clemson tent, which was the only thing left at the AO (sorry Tiller).
  • Done!


Moleskin: There are too many stories to tell between all of the PAX involved. It was an honor to be the Q for this event. God gives all of us talents and gifts and we all shine at different moments. I like to think that my gift is being able to work though the logistics of large events and smoke some really good Que. I hope to continue to be able to lead this group of men in the future.

Swanson – Out!



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