Run from a bear downhill.

Monday 2/5/18

Conditions – 49 degrees – mild – general attitude among PAX post superbowl was lethargic but eager. Lethargically eager… Letheager…

Pax posting – EEEEEEE, Baby Shoes, Sunshine, Mr. Roboto, and Conroy QIC

Quote of the morning: Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Dale Carnegie

Disclaimer – not a pro – modify when needed – use good form, and don’t get hurt

Warm up in Cadence at the anchor: SSH x 35, TTT x 20, Imperial Walkers x 25. mosey to the flag in the middle of the park


Ring of Fire – Pax in a circle in plank position. Q – does 10 Merkins while others hold a plank when finished Pax to right cranks out 10 reps, until around the circle back to Q, then 9 around, then 8 down to 1 rep. All Pax holding plank position when not performing Merkins. Q noted that it seemed easier to hold descending … why?

Everybody up for mosey to Post office hill for Bearcrawl MOM – All pax bearcrawl up the hill then 20 American Hammer then Bearcrawl down into 20 LBCs back up to 15 AH, Down to 15 LBC up to 10 AH then down the hill to 10 LBC up to 5 AH and down to 5 LBC… here Baby Shoes noted that he now knew why you are supposed to find a hill and run down it when being pursued by a bear. Downhill Bearcrawling is significantly harder and slower than uphill.

Mosey to Duke st – at the intersection all did Lunge Squat Burps x10 OYO  – lunge with both legs then squat then Burpee.

Mosey to The George (Washington St Park) Pax all planked at picnic area – 1 pax got up and ran to pull up area to do any combination of pull ups and reverse pushups x20 – another pax followed approximately 30 seconds later, the pax #1 went to dip parallel bars and did 20 dips, then back to descending plank from picnic tables for 30 seconds – then run to pullups for 15, then 15 dips – back to plank – 10, 10, then 5, 5. When all pax completed. all pax did 1 minute hold on dip bar.

Indian Run back to Anchor (.6 miles) audible to black Mamba (indian run with pax weaving in between each other while passing – then jail break parking lot to flag.

COT – pray for each other and good week. Baby Shoes – q for Wednesday – bringing boxing stuff – ought to be a good one!

Great group this morning – all pushed hard.



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