Tennis anyone?

Roger Federer just won his record 20th Grand Slam title in tennis, so thought it would be appropriate to go to the tennis court for some exercises.  At the time I didn’t remember that the Super Bowl would be just 2 days before and a football themed Q would be more appropriate, but anyway.  To the details…

Date: 2/6/18

Conditions:  39 degrees, clear and calm, but 10 degrees colder than expected

PAX: Joker, YoYoMa, Urkel, Coach K, Big Perm, Madoff, Mr. Clean, Stubbs, Moped, BigSpur, SoulGlow, DeezNuts, BillBoBaggins, DooDoo, SoulFinger, Kiffen, Ray(QIC)


        • 10 SSH
        • 10 Through the tunnel
        • 10 Baby Arm Circles, each way
        • The Thang:
            • Spider Man pushups across the pad
            • Crab walk back across the pad
            • 5 pull ups
            • Mosey to front of school, 5 push ups on each step, for a total of 20 incline pushups
            • Wall sit for the 6
            • 5 push ups on each step going down, for a total of 20 decline pushups
            • Mosey past bus circle
            • Indian Bear Crawl – last person bear crawls to front while line is moving sideways from plank position
            • Mosey to tennis courts, 7 line suicide run
            • 15 lunges each leg with a hop inbetween
            • 7 line suicide run
            • 30 squats with a hop inbetween
            • 7 line suicide run
            • 40 overhead claps with hop inbetween
            • 2 clap burpees with a jump inbetween
            • Mosey to school exit/roof
            • In and out of posts with sliding inbetween
            • In and out of posts with karaoke inbetween
            • Mosey back to base
            • 5 chin ups
            • elevator pushups for 1 minute
            • plank positions for 1 minute
            • Mary:
            • 20 American Hammers, in cadence
            • 15 slow, 90 degree flutters on command
            • Announcements:
    • We need more sponsors for the Palmetto 200, keep working your contacts
    • Eat more pulled pork
    • Prayers/Praise:
  • Nothin’ – All good
  • Moleskin:
  • A lot of mumblechatter to start off a too cold of a morning
  • Sometimes the hardest part of decline pushups is safely getting yourself back to flat ground
  • Indian bearcrawl was challenging, good work by everyone to stick with it
  • I thought we looked like an athletic group weaving through the posts
  • Hopefully this helped with training for the p200, try and get in some running
  • Always an honor and a pleasure


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