16 PAX for a typical Judy AMRAP: Swanson, Hard Hat, Urkel, Gambit, Ray, Spaulding, Bartman, Diapers, Peaches, Chumbucket, Animal, Stubbs, Kiffin, Joker, Blue Jeans, Judge Judy


SSH x 25

TTT x 20

AC x 25

1 m w/ paced JB

AMRAP: the loop (counterclockwise for Peaches) 5 burpees, 10 AST, 15 Merkins. RR

AMRAP: the loop (counterclockwise, again, for Peaches) 5 Starbursts, 10 Lunges, 15 Squats. RR


American Hammers for Stones x 25

Tempo Merkins x 20

Announcements: Dabo did not show up, but he was the topic of conversation for announcements. The time is now to get sponsors for the P200. The BBQ Fundraiser was a hit, let’s keep this momentum rolling.

Prayer Requests: Prayers for Animal’s monster-in-law’s as she is treated in the hospital. All unspoken.


  1. Paced Jailbreak is as confusing as it sounds.
  2. No quit in Stubbs. Post work out comment to YHC: “Just give me 4 weeks…”
  3. Gambit must be angry at something. Good Grief. Killed it.
  4. Someone teach Ray how to sprint. Guy is so slow.
  5. 3.0 – 3.5 miles covered. Good push by all.
  6. Shovel flag still smells like smoked pork butts according to Peaches.

Always a pleasure,




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