Yacht Club…Prepare For Greatness 501

Conditions: 60 degrees, humidity medium, wind light, shirts…tight.

Pax:  Postal,  ChumBucket, Cookies, Meat Gazer, Hard Hat, Bartman, Spalding,  spaghettiO, Narco, Ambien, Shingles QIC

Not Present: Pesci, JV, GoDaddy, Smog, Squid, NaeNae, LazyBoy, etc.


  1.  30 SSH IC
  2. 15 Arm Circles IC Both Ways
  3. 10 Tempo Squats low and slow
  4. 20 Windmill IC
  5. 15 TTT IC


   1.  Follow the Q on a mosey…Q did recon last week to measure out a mile.

2.  Drop and do 20 merkins at .2, five times—last stop at the start for 100 merkins and one mile total.

3.  Rinse and repeat for another Merkin Mile.

4.  10 Count then 20 Big Boyz.

5.  20 Merkins times 5…now at 300 total.

6.  Short mosey around and back to circle…1/10th mile.

7.  Take turns counting and doing small mosey laps to keep moving the blood off our arms and chest mixed with a few sets of Big Boyz.

8.  Continue to take turns calling “DOWN” as we push our way towards 500.

9.  As we do the last 2 sets, one at 5, and the final at 6, our Merkin Challenge is done…we did the last one to honor “SQUID.” 🦑

10.  501 Merkins, 100 Big Boyz, 10 Over Head Clap, few other misc, and 2.5 total miles.



On your 6.

40 flutters IC

10 “Goodby Dollys”…you know why…




Hard Had pokes the Q prior to the start of the workout which confirmed my decision to go for 500 merkins which is By Far a record for The Yacht Club…but I’m sure MOB, The Buck, or The Anchor won’t let 501 stand for long.   Hard Hat also received a “Dear John” text from Hello Dolly which had him a little emotional 😭 at times…

Unspoken prayers for the Pax and their loved ones.  Spalding announced second F plans and coordinating with MOB.  Spalding also co coordinating Friday Run Day meeting spot.  I believe we decided on the Cross Island Toll Parking lot as a nice place to try next Friday.  Bartman must not be shaving until after the P200 for some reason…Ambien makes a second appearance and hinted for a name change, Meat Gazer once again offered but all we heard was silence…It’s an honor and a privelage to be a part of something special like F3…Thank you.


Coffee after at Starbucks for second F compliments of Postal.


Disclaimer: This backblast is done to the best of my recollection.  I’m sure there are some mistakes and  inconsistencies.



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