Hard Hat for a Hard Hat

56 Degrees, Misty and Windy!


Shingles was nice enough to gift me (Hard Hat) my own yellow hard hat with an official F3 sticker….  Thank you Shingles!


PAX: Hard Hat (QIC), Nay Nay, Shingles, Go Daddy, Spalding, Meat Gazer, Spagettio O, Narco, Chum Bucket, Postal, Cookies, Ambien, Spicolli, Bart Man,


WARM UP: 25 SSH, 20 IW, 20 TTT, 15 Arm Circles, 10 Diamond Mericans, 10 Mericans, Mosey around Krogers.


THANG:  Grabbed the concrete blocks and did 4 rounds (15,12,9,6)  shoulder press into a squat, sprint to Shingles truck and back to the brick wall for dips and burpees.  Repeat until (15,12,9,6) is completed.  We then circled up around the flag and did a Lt. Dan completing 12 out of the 14 rounds.


No prayer requests (I guess everybody is living clean)?

Spalding talked about monthly lunch and happy hour.

Prayer!!!!   Great workout with a great group of men……

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