Seeing STARS

PAX: Shingles, Big Easy, Footlong, Cookies, Postal, Diapers, Buckeye, Cubby, Chumbucket, Bartman, Stones, Animal, Ballcock, Slim Shady, Kiffin, Swanson, Dabo(QIC)

Fartsackers: Judy, Peaches, 12 Gauge, Gambit, Big Perm, Squid, Urkel, Joker, Squealer, ++


56, overcast

Disclaimer: Push yourself and man next to you but don’t get hurt.

Warm Up:

SSH x 30 IC

TTT x 15 IC

AC X 15F + 15B

Mosey to the Bridge, Bear Crawl across the Bridge continue mosey to Church of the  Cross


Beginning at the intersection of Water St and Calhoun, we will begin:


Starburst x5

Tempo Merkins x10

Alternating Shoulder Taps x15

Russian Twist x20

Squats x25

At each intersection along Calhoun St, another round of STARS

Travel between intersections is called out by YHC

Water St. – STARS


Allen St – STARS

Backwards Run

Bridge St – STARS

Karaoke Left Side

Green St – STARS

Karaoke Right Side

Lawrence St – STARS


Lawton St – STARS

BEAR CRAWL (Crowdpleaser!)

Church St – STARS


May River Rd – STARS

Single Line Indian Run back to the AO, the long way, back up Calhoun St,


Flutters x 50 IC



-Sell Sign Sponsors


-Health and Wellness for the all of the teachers and kids thru this FLU season


-Good to have so many guys from the Yacht Club come visit us on the Main Land

-Footlong cant count and excercise at the same time.

-Big Easy is worse at Counting than Footlong

-Don’t ever let Buckeye see you Let up during BearCrawls

-Slim Shady Bear Crawls better than a Bear

-Kiffin is a Beast unfazed by anything you throw at him

-Swanson dug deep on the way back to the AO & never quit – Nice Work

-The Bear Crawl from Lawton to Church St was a terrible idea, will have to remember that in the future.


DABO – Out!

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