Terrible Ideas


Conditions: Pleasant – 60 clear

The PAX: Big Spur, Peaches, Postal, Dabo(QIC)

YHC pulls in with about a minute to spare, not sure what to expect, a phone call to Peaches minutes earlier reported no PAX present, the sign up sheet was empty. Friday Evening Judge Judy had offered a halfass warning that he was unsure of his M’s burn schedule and that I may have to take the Q, I read into that diluted message for exactly what it was…  As YHC unloads the shovel flag, i acknowledge the men, plant the flag and am given the news by Peaches that the Q is mine to behold. Let’s go:




Arm Circles 15F 15B

Mosey to the Church –


Terrible Idea #1

Declining Merkin Ladder

Start with 21 Merkins at the corner of Calhoun and Water

Run to the Head of the Dock – 20 merkins

Run back to Water Street – 19 Merkins

Continue back and forth until we finish with what we had hoped to be 1 Merkin until Postal Q-jacks and pushes us to finish with 10 Merkins(Crowdpleaser)

Mosey to Shrimp Boat Park

Terrible Idea #2

1 Pull up / 5 Big Boy Sit-ups




5 PU/25 BBSU

4 PU/20 BBSU

3 PU/15 BBSU

2 PU/10 BBSU


Indian Run to Redfish Parking Lot

Terrible Idea #3

after some debate about trying to save legs for a long run tomorrow, we decided to continue to ruin our shoulders.

4 Dips/4 Overhead Claps




20/20 Intense Burning sets In


28/28 Muscle Failure Iminent


36/36 Starbursts appearing in vision/dizziness/intense pain


Postal Carried all four of us through that round – This guy belongs with the MOB!

Mosey back to AO for the last Terrible Idea of the morning:

Mosey a lap around the track return to Basketball court

Circle up for a round of Squids ring of Fire – 10 Flutters / Leg Raises on Alternating counts continue around the circle

Mosey one last lap so we can reach 3 miles for the morning. Peaches Calls for an Indian Run, So Be it. We finish up a very fast Indian run, back to the flag.

3 MOM:

American Hammers 30 IC

Dirty Dogs R 20 IC

Dirty Dogs L 20 IC





Moleskin: Saturday #’s have seen a great decline at the MOB. Saturdays are great, the mumblechatter is great, there is no underlying dread of a work day lurking in your mind. For those of you that have been fartsacking on Saturdays, man up, take your daily red pill, be a better man and start showing up!

Postal is too much of a beast to be affiliated with a bunch of uppity elitist Yacht Club Types, he earned his MOB membership this morning.

Big Spur, in an attempt to help save the legs of Sunday runners, suggested the dips and overhead claps, it seemed like a good idea for the first three rounds….

Peaches lost feeling in his chest and shoulders during the merkin ladder, he hopes to regain use of his arms by Monday.


Enjoyed the push men,


Dabo Out!

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