Nifty 50

Once it was brought to my attention that today was number 50 in a row I felt it appropriate to take the Q from Hardhat.

Conditions: 64 degrees and clear

PAX: Spaghetti-O, Hardhat, Spaulding, Ambien, Big Easy (respect), Dabo, Shingles, Postal, Squid, NeNe, Go Daddy, Lazy Boy, Bartman (respect), ChumBucket (Q)

Welcome, Disclaimer


Warm Up:

-SSH x 50

-Tempo Merkins x 10

-Throught the Tunnel x 15

-Arm Circles x 15 each way

-Tempo Merkins x 10

-Imperial Walkers x 15

-Tempo Merkins x 10

-Windmills x 15

-Tempo Merkins x 10

-Mosey Around the Mall Complex


The Thang:

The W.A.S.H. in pairs

-200 Werkins with Hand Release

-Partner runs to stop sign and back

-200 American Hammers (2 count)

-Partner Karaokes to stop sign and back

-200 Step Ups (100 per leg)

-Partner Backward runs to stop sign and back

-200 Hydrolic Squats

-Partner runs to Stop Sign and back


2 Minutes of Mary

-Flutters x 50



No prayer requests

2nd F at Dockside tonight at 5pm.

Sell P200 Race Sponsorships!

Run Day tomorrow at the Cross Island bridge and MC Riley. Get your miles in for the P200!


-Walking up to the AO and seeing the silver “5” and “0” balloons made me chuckle and think I was retiring from something. Big Easy was looking for cake.

-It was great to see Dabo and Big Easy make the trek to the island

-Spaghetti-O modeled the new F3 childrens shirt for us today.

-50 SSH and 50 Tempo Merkins during warm up greatly reduces mumblechatter

-the hand release on the Werkins made doing 200 miserable.

-Great work by Shingles to get Lazy Boy back out in the gloom.

-Thanks Postal for dragging me to do 50 EC pull-ups

-Spaulding is quietly racking up the workout count for 2018 as well.

-Its an honor to be a part of this great group of gentlemen!


ChumBucket Out!

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