Yacht Club…Monkey Humper

Conditions: 60 degrees, humidity medium, wind light, pleasant.

Pax:   ChumBucket, Cookies, Meat Gazer, Hard Hat, Bartman, Spalding,  spaghettiO, Narco, Ambien, Spicoli, Grapevine from Charlotte, FNG Monkey Humper, Shingles QIC

Not Present: Pesci, JV..he was in B-Town…for some reason, GoDaddy, Smog, Postal, NaeNae, LazyBoy, Big Al AKA Patches due to an unfortunate trampoline dodge ball accident, etc.


  1.  40 SSH IC
  2. 10 Windmills
  3. Too much mumble chatter so Q calls 20 Burpees OYO…no more MC
  4. 15 Arm Circles IC each way.
  5. 15 TT Tunnel…more slowly


   1.  Follow the Q on a mosey Merkin Mile.

2.  Drop and do 20 merkins at .2, five times—last stop at the start for 100 merkins and one mile total.

3.  Refresh at fountain and do 25 dips.

4.  Off to find the blocks.

5.  Modified reverse 21s.  Grab block and do 21  curls then 21 overhead press.  Drop block and run  short ways across field and do 20 squats and 20 big boys….Q tells Pax to leave block unless your a Sugar Ray and need a restrictor plate but the “Almost” all Pax carry their blocks because this is F3! That’s why! 121 curls and OHP with token. 110 Big Boyz and 110 squats.

6.  We work our way down as some pax leave their blocks a couple times, including our visitor, and Q calls 25 Monkey 🐵 Humpers when we each reach 11.

7.  We work our way down to 1 and as the leaders finish, Q calls leaders to do mosey laps and pull-ups until the 6 is finished.

8.  The six does a few Pull-ups and we meet back at the flag with about eight minutes to spare.


Q calls for modified Mary as our Merkin count is low.

10 merkins on down and 10 Big Boyz OYO…rinse and repeat until we reach 100 of each.

30 to go or three sets of ten when Bartman’s beard called an audible and we went two more sets of 15.

100 merkins and 100 Big Boyz…Mary would be proud.




Narco engages with the Q and asked if we could do 602 merkins today…Q let it slide today because of the FNG…next time for sure…

We received some advice from Grapevines wife about what the F’s Shouldn’t stand for.  FNG Neil accepted his name, Monkey Humper, without much of a fight once Meat Gazer brought it into prospective. Cookies seemed to like his prospective additional name of “Sugar Cookie”….it could stick….  We are happy to see Squid back in action as he explains how to “properly size” silkies…don’t ask.

Spicoli asked why Rugby players don’t like soccer players…Q did not have an “Intelligent” answer.

Unspoken prayers for the Pax and their loved ones.  Q asked for a prayer to include a family milestone as his estranged son turns 18 on Monday.

The Yacht Club is getting better as we endeavor to get 20 regulars that wish to #SYITG.  Always an honor to take my turn in the center of the circle.


Coffee after at Starbucks for second F.


Disclaimer: This backblast is done to the best of my recollection.  I’m sure there are some mistakes and  inconsistencies.



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