Cannon course

Anchor – Saturday, February 24

Conditions – 67 degrees – still and a bit buggy

Pax – 8 – Crack, Conroy (Q), FNG, Danielson, Baby Shoes, Putin, Blindside, Cocky

Warm up

All pax grab a 10 lb or 8.8 lb or two 5 lb plates and mosey up to Bay Street – met baby shoes on Baby street so circled back around to anchor so that he could grab a plate.

SSH x 50 IC 4ct – mosey through park to big green in front of flags

Circle up:

20 TTT, 20 IW,

Air Chair Arm Circles front and back x10, raise roof, and overhead claps x 10

Alternating mosey and sprint to circle at the end of park – partner up for patty cake Merkins x10

Mosey over to cannons at park at end of bay – where course is set up

Thang –

Pax partner up – 2 at each station – 4 stations marked by cones.

1 minute per station then run to next station

Station 1 – Box Jumps onto high benches

Station 2 – Both Pax use sliders to bear slide 20 yards to next cone then Wheelbarrow back and switch

Station 3 – Jump rope

Station 4 – 1 pax dips and other LBC

Ran through all stations twice


Mosey to park on craven

Merkin Ring of Fire – done Ascending thanks to baby shoes – also thanks to baby shoes all attempted to clap Merkin on last rep.  X 10

LBC ring of Fire descending

25LBC reps each with all pax performing flutter kicks while waiting for their turn

20LBC / leg raise

15 LBC / Hello Dollies

10 LBC / leg raise

5 LBC / horizontal IW

stay on 6 for difficult Dr. W x 10

Mosey to Harriett Tubman future monument site – pass plates in circle with all pax facing out – was not difficult and was aborted soon after began with acknowledgement of failure

Mosey and skipped back to anchor – finished strong –

10 tempo merkings

COT – FNG – Walter Lubkin F3 name = Pablo. Noted that we had a 62 year old and an 18 year old working out. Coffeeteria was well attended – Bell hop committed to not committing to coming out soon.  Conroy to Q Monday, Cocky probably to q on Wednesday.


Great to lead these men –






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