Saturday Morning Dirty McDeuce

Conditions – 46 – crisp and windy

Pax – Conroy, EEEEEE!!!!, Grape Juice, Otter, FNG, Boomer Sooner

Warmup – IC 4ct

TTT x 15

IW x 25

SSH x 50

Air squared – air chair LBAC x 12 fwd, 12 Bwd, raise roof x 12, and 12 overhead claps

Mosey to front of the park – all pick up a drainage rock run one lap around the park – put stones back for future use ( they were heavy and awkward and have lots of future applications –


At the small green area before pavilion – pax pair off –

Wheelborrow to other side – bearcrawl back switch

Wheelbarrow then bearcrawl back –

duck walk to one side and leap back

mosey to pavilion

Dirty McDeuce – 

– 12 reps of 3 exercises done in 4 count cadence separated by a 1 lap around the park

first 3 – merkin x 12, countdown raise the roof squats x 12, and flutter kicks x 12

1 lap

Derkens x 12, hello Dolly’s x 12 and Hello Dolly’s x 12

1 lap

Balls to Wall Merkins x 12, lunges x 12, and horizontal Imperial Walkers x 12

1 lap

Dirty hook x 12, Star jumps x12, and mountain climbers x 12

1 lap

mosey to amphitheater area for

Bearpees with rotating cadence

1 Burpee then 4 bear crawl steps and run to other side

2 Burpees then 8 bear crawl steps and run to other side

3 B + 12 BC run to side

4 B + 16 BC run to side

5 B + 20 BC run to side

6 B + 24 BC run to side

all gassed –


Superman, iron man, plank, elbow plank, side plank, other side plank – x 3

run back to anchor

Name a Rama – FNG (Rory Fosberry) named Hammerhead – great push


Moeskin – great having Boomer Sooner back and healthy.

Good push –


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