March Madness of core

With many of our PAX signed up to kick tail in the PB races this past Sunday, I thought it a good opportunity to take the Q knowing I would be suffering from a big case of “I Can’t  believe I missed out on that race”. I also knew that those running would leave nothing on the course, meaning they most likely would be #smartsacking Monday morning. YHC rolled into the AO with no cars in the parking lot. Could be a lonely run…

With 5 min to spare 7  PAX roll in so  the flag is planted. With 2 min to spare Stones rolls in (#timing), with :30 to spare 3 more come sauntering in and now we have 12 ready to roll.

PAX: Chumbucket, Bug Spur, Stones, Ray, Diapers, TP, Unkle Rico, Yo Yo Ma, Urkle, floRide, Kiffin, Gambit QIC

Conditions: 41 degrees (don’t put your tights away yet)

Warm-up:  (IC unless otherwise stated)

SSH x 30, TTT x 15, Squats x 20, Merkins x 10, LBAC x 25 forward and reverse, overhead presses x 25, Burpee x 10 OYO, mosey 1 lap and return to the swings  for…

The Thang:

Partner 1 performs 20 reverse crunches with feet in swing, Partner 2 planks. Flapjack x 3 each

Mosey over to the BBall court and line up on the baseline. All PAX perform a full court suicide with 20 LBC on each return to the base line. Next suicide done with 20 plank jacks on every return to the base line, Move over to the wall and assume the 90/90 sitting position on the wall with arms overhead. 1st PAX in line drops for 10 merkins and returns to  the wall while the next in line does the merkins. Continue  until all PAX have finished. Next exercise is BTTW (Balls to the wal) , always a crown pleaser. x 30 sec.  recover and mosey a full lap returning back to the Swings for partner Swerkins. Partner 1 performs 20 merkins with feet in swing while partner 2 planks. Flapjack x 1

Return to the Bball court for full court suicide with 20 mt climbers on each return to  the base line. Next suicide performed with Partner 2 in plank on baseline while partner 1 performs 10 derkins with feet on partners back on each return to  baseline. Flapjack. Finish with one last full court suicide before  moving back to the wall for wall sits at 90/90 while first person performs 10 BBSU. Continue until all PAX have finished.

Mosey back to the flag for 1 MOM of low plank until time expires


Announcements: continue to  sell sponsors per TP (Dabo  would have been proud)

Prayers: Kiffin and his M as they are expecting their second soon. Although completely forgotten during the COT, prayers for Chumbucket and his M as they too are expecting.


  1. Ray and Chumbucket seemed to  race each other on each suicide
  2. Chumbucket is still perfect attendance this year. I feel like there should be a gold star to  place on his trapperkeeper
  3. being on team 1, Ray is now officially limited to 75% effort on all sprinting so he doesn’t pull something. ( He will still be faster than 98% of us)
  4. Stones may not like Mary, but he loves 45 min of core
  5. Balls to the Wall always brings out some good mumblechatter. Must be the increase in blood flow to the brain
  6. Evidently Swanson and Hostilo’s  gated community no longer lets residents out before 6 AM

After nearly 3 years of F3 and completing many events I would have never done on my own, I was forced to  sit this last PB race out due to the 2.1  soccer schedule. 3 years ago I would have never given a second thought to missing an event like  that and would have come up  with multiple excuses to just not attend. This past Sunday I  found myself with a severe case of #FOMO. (Gump will  know what that means, but for the rest of us non mellineals…FEAR OF MISSING OUT) The thing with F3 is, you have men pushing you to do things outside your comfort zone and things you would probably not do on your own. Not only will they give you shit until you decide to  do them, they will  be the ones supporting you on that journey. If you stick  with this long enough and let yourself succumb to some of the peer pressure, you too may find yourself in unfamiliar FOMO territory. As we get closer to the P200, it will be out of many PAX comfort zone. Just the training itself is something most thought they would never do. We are under 3 weeks away. there will be aches and pains that lead up to the race, you will probably regret signing up for this damn thing in the first place if you haven’t already. You may even look for  someone to  take your spot. Don’t give in. You will have 59 other guys from Bluffton and HH to support you, and most likely give you shit along the way that will make it into backblast lore. If you aren’t running the 200, the next F3  event is the Mudrun in May. Time to get a 4 man team together 6 miles and 36 obstacles of muddy bliss.



Gambit out!

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