Respect the 6!

Q Date: 3/8/2018

Conditions: Cool 40’s (Windy)

PAX:  Paladin, YoYo Ma, Urkel, Ballcock, Ray, Big Perm, Handy, Mandy, Mr. Clean, Sawedoff, Madoff (VQ)

Disclaimer: Push the man next you, encourage the man next to you. You have no idea how much the power of words can affect and help someone.

Warm-Up :
5 pushups on move (clap)
15 SSH
Thru the tunnel
Mountain climbers
Arm Circles
5 pushups on move (clap)

The Thang:
Mosey to the track
Two lines, Fast, not as fast for 1/2 mile Indian run. Fast line in lane 5. Not so fast line in lane 2
5 pushups on move (clap)
Pair up: Fast line member pair up with a Not Fast “6”
5 pushups on move (clap)
Partners run in separate directions on the track. When they meet up they do 15 Patty cake pushups. Total 60 Patty cakes and another 1/2 mile.
5 pushups on move (clap)
Stay pared: Dora. 100 Big Boy, 200 Squats, 300 overhead press
5 pushups on move (clap)
Partner Bear Crawl across the field. 1 person crawls until the other person runs to end and back. Switch places until you have Bear Crawled across the field.
5 pushups on move (clap)
Mosey back to the pad.

Partner sit ups: 15 Cross punch, 15 throw downs, 15 leg throw downs
5 pushups on move (clap)


Sell Signs for P200
PAX for #TheBuck have dwindled drastically. Start working on some FNG’s for the up coming warmer weather and bring back some familiar faces.

Closing Prayer

Thanks for the encouragement to step up and lead. Long over due.

AO Moleskin:
I have seen Madoff change and grow with this F3 group and I have been fortunate to witness him go into Beast mode when he needs the push. He is a natural leader and I look forward to seeing him taking on more Q’s in the future; as he said it’s long overdue. I can’t remember when he first started (may have been a year ago or more) but he said it himself he never thought he would be able to run 5 miles like he is now.  Fellowship and accountability make a difference and create long term results. Thank you everyone for encouraging each other and don’t underestimate the power of words or text messages.

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