Back in the mix…



There was no one on the Q sheet but the PAX at The Yacht Club have really stepped up and shared the responsibilities pretty evenly while YHC has been scarcely seen in the gloom. It’s time.


47 degrees, partly cloudy with a light breeze out of the south.


Bartman, Chumbucket, Shingles, Cookies, Postal, Spaulding, Narco, Spaghetti-O, Monkey Humper, Pluto, Squid-QIC


SSH x 21 IC

TTT x 21 IC

AC x 11fwd/10rev IC

IW x 21 IC

Merkin Mile : mosey as a group along our 1 mile route with 5 intermittent stops where we perform 21 Merkins IC for a total of 105 Merkins.


All PAX line up on the marsh sided of the park. When we begin, Bear Crawl to the other side and complete 21 V-Ups, run back to the starting point for 20 V-Ups, Bear Crawl back for 19…continue with descending reps to zero (T-claps to the PAX who completed and went back to finish with the six).

Once complete, PAX line up on marsh side of the park and…after much confusion caused by poor instructions, poor listening skills and a challenging math scenarios, an audible is called. All PAX are to Bear Crawl to the other side of the park with NO MODIFICATIONS, line up shoulder to shoulder on their six for a Flutter Firing Line (the first man counts out 10 Flutter Kicks while the rest do Leg Lifts, up on odd reps, down on even). Once every man has counted out his Flutter Kicks, the group moseys to the pavilion at the end of the park.

11’s with Dips and BBSUs.

Best effort back to the flag. Done





-Importance of sponsorships was mentioned; PAX committed to work on this during the week.

-Unspoken prayer requests and lots of thanksgiving for our brothers of the gloom.



-Chumbucket may be a machine. He has not missed posting during 2018, he slaughtered this workout then left to go run a 5k with his daughter. #HIM

-Monkey Humper was back and is planning his VQ for sometime early June. He burned 314 calories during the workout and then ordered a 973 calorie Syrupamochamatchalatteoreo Coffee at Starbucks. We’ll fix that, in time.

It’s always a privilege to lead this group. I’m thankful for it everyday.

Squid, OUT


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