Raining Route 66/72

Date: 3/12/2018

Put my name on the sheet last week, by doing so, i think i gauranteed the rain.

Conditions: Light Misting Rain, 54 degrees, UnPleasant

PAX: Swason, Harvey Updyke, Chumbucket, Judge Judy, Dabo(QIC)

Flag was left in the dry comfort of the truck, as the Q did not want to disrespect the shovel, nor Old Glory.


Warm up (Under the Bus Drop off awning):

All – IC

  • SSH x 30
  • TTT x 15
  • AC – F x 15 // B x 15

The Rain has lightened up, lets mosey,


Quick Mosey to Church of the Cross

Lt. Dan

  • 1 squat/4 lunges; repeat and increase to 10 squats/40 lunges

Plenty of Mumble chatter, including a discussion of when best to eat pizza and beer over the past weekend – the Swanson method seemed the most logical:

  •  Judy negated some of the caloric intake by running 8+ miles before indulging in Beer and Pizza. Judy was complaining of sore legs and feeling bloated.
  • Swanson, indulged in beer and pizza without running at all and felt great!

The Thang:

Modified Route 66 – Starting at Calhoun & Water Streets – 2 Burpees

Fast Mosey to Allen Street – 4 Burpees

Fast Mosey to Bridge Street – 6 Burpees

Fast Mosey to Green Street – 1 Burp – Audible! Skip Green Street, Peaches is a no show, no Peaches, no Green Street.

Fast Mosey to Lawrence – 8 Burpees

Fast Mosey to Lawton – 10 Burpees

Fast Mosey to Church – 12 Burpees

Fast Mosey to May River Rd – 14 Burpees

Fast Mosey to State of Mind St – 16 Burpees


Rotating Tempo Merkins

Pick a spot on the curb – Place left hand & Left foot on curb, right hand & Right foot on ground – Tempo Merkins x10

Rotate 90 Degrees – Feet on Curb, hands on ground – Tempo Merkins x10

Rotate 90 Degrees – Right side on curb, left side on ground – Tempo Merkins x10

Rotate 90 Degrees – Hands on Curb, Feet on Ground – Tempo Merkins x10

Recover –


Indian Run back down Calhoun to Bridge Street – Good push by Swanson!

Corner of Bridge and Calhoun, Another Round of Rotating Tempo Merkins! Crowdpleaser!

Continue Indian Run back to AO.

4 Minutes of Mary:

  • American Hammers x30 IC High Speed
  • Flutter Kicks x50 IC High Fatigue




Sell Signs for P200
Encourage PAX to show up when the weather is not perfect.


“Route 66” workout is really supposed to increase by increments of 1 and go for 11 blocks for a total count of 66. Judy had questioned YHC about the 66 as our total count was 72 Burpees. #sincewhenisjudyworriedaboutmath? #thatisonlyalegit?forurkel

YHC has posted plenty of times(200+) in the past 2.5 years. Amazingly, fewer than 4 have ever had rain.

Judy requested coffee via Twtter, YHC did not comply.

Swanson though about breaking ranks during the indian run, but then stuck with it – good work! YHC had promised Swanson some P200 training.

Consecutive Post #~60 for Chumbucket, might need to consider a name change to Cal Ripkin #2131.

Harvey Stopped smiling(Briefly) during Lt. Dan.

Day Light Savings Time making getting up hurt a little bit extra, only to be compounded by rain, But as always, YHC has never regretted posting, regret has only  come from missing the workout.

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