Stairway to hell…

Conditions: a nippy 41 degrees,  humidity zilch, breezy bordering on windy.

Pax:   Meat Gazer QIC, Hard Hat, JV, Go Daddy, NaeNae, Ambien

Not Present: p200 participants and well sleep ins.


  1.  20 Side Strattle Hops IC
  2. 10 Thru the tunnel
  3. 10 Windmills
  4.  .5 mile Indian Run


1.  Q led PAX to Waters Edge, aka Stairway to hell via Indian Run

2. PAX did a Blackjack workout with Stairway run in between Burpees and Jump Squats.  How’d that happen?  PAX started at 20 Jump Squats and 1 Burpee.  From there they ran the 3 level stairwell up and down the other side.  Upon completion of stair run 19 Jump Squats, 2 Burpees, then back to the stairs Rinse and Repeat!

3. 936 stairway steps per individual PAX and 5,616 stairway steps for the Group.

4. Enough time was made for return .5 mile Indian Run and 8 minutes of Mary.


Plank, Low Plank, Right arm Plank, Left arm Plank, Hello Dolly, Flutters, Up/Downs, LBC’s, Back scratchers, and Ambien High Jack’d the Abs for a 20 Merkin set! (something about stomach, ehh, so and so.)

and DONE!



Not being a trained professional, I repeat not a trained professional. The emphasis on today’s workout was to get everything out of the 45 minutes I share with the men aside of me today.  That was accomplished and we are better men and off to a better start to our day for that.

Missing quite a few members with the pending P200 coming up in the next day, we were happy to have JV join us for a last minute workout.  Hopefully our workout today helped and didn’t hinder his training.

Increasingly humbled by the men in F3 I grow a greater respect for the men that are a few weeks in and the men that were here before me.  This is truly a mental and physical experience second to none. I have found things about my drive for life, that may otherwise have stayed in bed.

Many Thanks and Honored to workout with the Yacht Club and F3 Lowcountry.

Prayers for JV’s good friend and family (loss of young son). Unspoken prayers Pax, their families, and for the safety of the P200 participants.

Godspeed P200 participants

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