FoMO Preparation Q

Pax: Urkel, Swanson, Floride, TP, Uncle Rico, Stones QIC

Conditions: Cold and windy

Knowing that most of F3 Lowcountry pax would be in a well deserved P200 preparation mode, YHC had signed up a while ago knowing no one would want the Q.  Given the fact that I am the only pax not doing the P200, I am your guy…it’s really the least I could do.  Let’s get started.

Stones Disclaimer: “If  you get hurt, its not my fault.”


SSH x 25 IC

TTH x 25 IC

Arm circles forward and backwards x 15 IC

The thang:

1 lap around the track


100 Shoulder Taps

200 Merkin

300 Mountain climbers

400 LBC

1 lap around track

Ring of Fire (merkin) to 10

1 lap around track

Captain Thor




For all running in the P200


Great push by all today.  Respect to Swanson and Floride for not being scared to post the day before the P200.   YHC had a large case of pre-FoMO know that he would be missing be the best F3 Lowcountry event of the year. 

Stones out

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