Inch Worm? “That’s what she said”

April 4th

PAX: Gambit, Buckeye, Big Spur, Dwight, Uncle Rico, Chum Bucket, Peaches, Flea(flea enjoys long walks along the beach, frolicking in the surf, midnight snuggles and wearing buffalo skin), Turkey leg, Uncle Rico, Dabo, TP, and Swanson.

Weather 66 and clear


Warm up:

SS Hop IC x20

TTT IC x10

In and out hop squat x 20

Tempo Merkin IC x20

Single leg dead lift OYO x10 each leg

Burpees 10 OYO


Mosey to BB court for a partner push up contest:

Each pax gets a partner.  Partner 1 in push up position.  Partner 2 awkwardly, places their fist on the ground under partner 1 as a target for the bottom of the push up. Partner 1 does as many push ups as possible and then flip flop.  Loser does 10 burpees


The Thang.

11’s with Burpees and squats.  Each pax lines up on the side line of the basketball court and performs 10 burpees. Next inch worm push up to mid court( push up and walk hands towards feet in a pike position, walk hands out and do another push up.  repeat until at mid court)  perform 1 squat and walk back to sideline.  9 burpees, inch worm push up 2 squats.  YHC audibled after this because it was a total suckfest.  Switched burpees  to BBSI, and it still sucked, but we finished.

Mumble chatter was minimal except for a lot of groaning and Gambit.  “Peaches, I am down wind, what crawled up your ass and died?” Peaches, ” It was an inch worm” Gambit ” That’s what she said”.  I forget who said, ” Inch worms hurt” possibly Dwight, and Gambit responded with ” Once again, that’s what she said”

Mosey back to the sidewalk for some walking Lt. Dan’s.  Pax line up in the side walk and perform 1 squat with 4 walking lunges across the field.  2 squats 8 walking lunges…. up to 10 squats and 40 walking lunges.  Not much chatter during this one, but Buckeye shot me a really dirty look when I encouraged him to keep moving.


20 toe reaches OYO

25 American hammers IC

Prayer Requests: Unspoken

Announcements: Judy wasn’t there, something about a mud run

Moleskin:  YHC has been notably absent from boot camp workouts over the past few months. I thought #ISI meant, I Slept In.   1st, there was a the marathon training, ( for a race I never actually ran) that kept me from the gloom.  Then there was P200 training, during which my knee gave me the big middle finger, causing me to restrict my training to 3 mile runs, swimming, a spin bike and 1.5 hours of bench press.  I am  happy to be back in the gloom again, and I appreciated the opportunity to lead you men this morning. Good push by all


To Dwight, for the compliment this AM during inch worm 11’s.  ” This is officially the worst thing I have ever done at F3″

To Flea, for the most awkward sound off during circle up, causing me to post his online dating profile at the top.

Again to Flea, for having enough arm strength after inch worm 11s, to pat himself on the back as, we finished walking Lt Dan’s  ” I want to be mentioned twice in the back blast because I did an extra lap”

12 gauge out

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