Masters weekend kick-off



54 degrees, 5-10kts North, partly cloudy


Ne Ne, Meatgazer, Shingles, Chumbucket, Go Daddy, Junior Varsity, Man Down, Wonder Woman, Muck, Squid-QIC


SSH x 27 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

AC x 15fwd/15rev

Mosey around the K-Roger and back to the AO.


Just hours before the that little tournament starts at Augusta National, we going to grind for a while. The PAX chose a foursome of randomly sucky exercises and we tee off.

-18 Tempo Derkins IC, run to the pavillion

-18 Burpees, run to the SF (we have an imaginary SF; the real one is in the back of Spaulding’s SUV, on the way to Augusta)

-18 Mountain Climbers, jail break to the playground

-18 Pull Ups, run to the SF.

Thursday’s round is complete…only three rounds to go!

-Rinse and Repeat

Friday’s round is in the books and everyone made the cut and is headed for the weekend. Since Saturday is moving day, this round is all OYO, full speed.

-Rinse and Repeat

Time constraints dictated that Sunday’s round is shortened.

-18 Tempo Merkins, run

-18 Burpees, run to the SF and circle up.





-Man Down introduce us to the idea of F3 Whetstone. There will be more info to come regarding this facet of our growth.

-Prayers for Ne Ne’s sister-in-law who had a mini-stroke on Tue.

-Prayers for JV’s friend who has a terminally ill infant daughter.

-Prayers of gratitude for our health and abilities.

YHC loves The Yacht Club! This is the time of year that we begin to see more and more visitors. Some of our brothers are traveling for work and the visitors help fill the gaps. As announced this morning, I have some lofty 1stF aspirations. I want you all to push me…hard, and hold me accountable. I’m more and more thankful for this group everyday.

Squid, OUT

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