Masters Week – Tuesday Practice Round

CONDITIONS:  63 degrees, partly cloudy with a light breeze

PAX:  Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Postal, Narco, Nare, Wonder Woman, Muck, The Nannie, Spaulding-QIC

The Range:

Arm Circles x 18 IC (forward and back)

TTT x 9 IC

Wind Mills x 9 IC

SSH x 36 IC

Mtn Climbers x 18 OYO

Tempo Merkins x 18 OMC

LBC’s x 18 OYO

Burpees x 9 OYO

Front 9:

Dips and Overhead Claps – Reps of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18

Jack Webb – 1 Merkin…4 Air Presses, 2 Merkins…8 Air Presses…up to 10 Merkins…40 Air Presses

Mosey around the park

Back 9: PARS

Plank Jacks, Abs, Run, Squats

3 plank jacks, 3 Big boys, run to other end of the field 3 Squats and run back.

Rinse and repeat increasing reps by 3 each time up to 18

Finish with 18 plank jacks, 18 big boys, run 18 squats, run back

Mosey around the park

Captain Mary – 1 LBC…4 Flutter’s IC, 2 LBC’s…8 Flutter’s IC…up to 10 LBC’s…40 Flutter’s IC

Mosey around the park

19th Hole:

American Hammers x 36

Back Scratchers  x 36

Tempo Merkins x 18



Unspoken prayers, Heal some of our PAX that have been out with injuries


~ Spaulding

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