Saturday HITT Circuit

Date: 7April2018

It was mild morning, with the always present breeze at the Yacht Club.  7 PAX emerged from their fartsacks to greet the Gloom.

QIC: Junior Varsity

PAX: Squid, Shingles, Chumbucket, Spalding, Brutus, Spicoli

We warmed up with 25 SSH’s/20 Imperial Walkers and 10 Merkins.

Then we mosey’d to the playground for a set of 11’s.  Burpees and Pull-Ups were the combo.

Following that we spread out to 6 stations.  Each station had two exercises.  After the first one minute set we switched exercises and after completing a set of each we rotated to the next station.  YHC rolled with Shingles.  After our first set we did it in pairs for one more set.


  1. Kettle bell swings w/duffel sand bag & SSH’s
  2. Box jumps & Derkins
  3. Suicides w/Block & Plank
  4. Tricep Extension w/Block & Lunges
  5. Overhead Press w/Block & High Knees
  6. Speed Ladder Squats & Merkins

After the second set we lined up for a version of the beast using our suicide cones.

6 Tuck Jumps w/Burpees sprint to cone and reverse run back 6 Tuck Jumps w/Burpees and sprint to far cone and reverse back rinse and repeat for two sets.

Circle up at the SF.


Memorial Day convergence on the beach.  F3 Lowcountry including HH, Bluffton and Beaufort if they can make the drive.

MudRun teams are being organized.






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