Don’t Stop the Carnival

YHC found it very hard to return from vacation and post after one of my more productive athletic months in recent decades.  I didn’t want the carnival to end (great book if you haven’t read it) but alas, my tanned fat started to fade, there were no more Goombay Smashes in sight, and so I did what always pushes me to be my best…put myself in a position where other people rely on me and took the Q Tuesday at the Buck.  This was my first time back at the Buck since Michael Bolton’s emotionally scarring farewell concert.


Uncomfortable and seemed more dark than usual, but Mr. Clean informed me that it was just something called daylight savings that appears to have occurred since my last Buck appearance.

PAX (13):  

Floride, Mr. Clean, Joker, Ray, Urkel, Swanson, Diapers, Fish Wrap, Coack K, Yoyoma, Big Spur, Moped, Snowflake (Welcome FNG Sam Riddle!)


I am not a trained professional. I can’t do through the tunnel.  Exercise at your own risk.  Push the man next to you.  Modify if needed.

Warm Up:

  • Side Straddle Hops IC x 25
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 15
  • Through The Tunnel IC x 15 (Do as I say, Not as I do!)
  • Baby Arm Circles x 12 (and Reverse)

The Thang:

  • Mosey to far end of the Buck Parking lot
  • Double Blackjack (21’s) meets 4 Corners
    • Corner 1: 1 merkin
    • Run 160 yards
    • Corner 2: 20 Big Boy Situps
    • Run 40ish yards
    • Corner 3: 1 dip
    • Run 160 yards
    • Corner 4: 20 V-Ups
    • then 2/19, 3/18, 4/17……..20/1
  • Two Line Indian Run to the pad.  No time for Mary!

COR, NOR, Announcements

Prayer Requests

  • Wallace’s tailbone- we didn’t ask specifics
  • I had a personal request for my wife and our first baby due June 30
  • Prayers for Kiffin and his wife Maggie who are expecting any day now, as well as Kiffin’s sister in law who is battling cancer


  • Moped was my partner- thanks for the push!  Kudos to the dads for getting their son’s out there!
  • FNG Snowflake’s F3 name was almost beat out by “Frank Beamer’s Goiter”  (Joker’s son going to VT on ROTC scholarship this fall)
  • My time management as Q continues to be poor, I think we all got about halfway through Double Blackjack…I will plan 2 hours next time.  Lesson learned.
  • We had 13 PAX, that’s 13 men who aren’t tempted by yachting caps, fancy sparkling waters, and meat gazing.
  • Pregnancy Brain is real…gone 2 weeks and can’t remember my birth name, F3 name, or age.

A pleasure to lead!  I can’t tell y’all how many times a day a look at posts on the FB page and laugh out loud from Hampton (usually has to do with Squid talking about Swanson and peanut butter tricks).  Thank you guys for the constant push and motivation to get in better shape (F1) as well being constant examples of what it takes to be a better family man and better Christian (F3).

Floride out!

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