The Buck is 2 today

Q Date: 5.03.2018

Conditions: Party cloudy skies, 60 degrees

PAX (20): Diapers, Buckeye, Sawed Off, Urkel, Ballcock, Joker, Big Perm, Big Spur, Scrappy, Madoff, Valley Girl, Mr. Clean, Ricky Bobby, Moped, Dabo, Peaches, Coach K, Ray, Gump, Handy Manny (QIC)

Q Warm up by Dabo

Disclaimer; Two-year anniversary for the Buck or 24 months. With that said…

Warm up:

  • 24x – Burpees (OYO)Exercises in cadence (IC) unless noted otherwise
  • 24x – SSH
  • 24x – TTT
  • 12 x BAC forward, 12x backwards


Q switched to Big Perm

  • 25x – Imperial Walkers
  • 5x – Pull ups
    Plank for the 6

The Thang – Partner Up (AMWRAP):

  • 100x – Merkins
  • 200x – Big Boy Sit Up’s
    One partner exercises while the other runs to the parking lot circle; switch on partners return and collectively complete the reps


Q switched to Joker – back to the pad for 11’s

  • 1x – Merkin on one side of the pad; 10x – V-Ups on the other
    Increase one while decreasing the other running across the pad
    Finish up helping the 6


Q switched to Ballcock

  • Crab walk across the pad and back again.

Q switched to Handy Manny – Mary 

  • 50x Monkey Humpers (OYO)
  • 50x Dirty Dogs IC (25 each leg)
  • 50x LBC’s (OYO)
  • 15x Air Humpers
  • 10x Air Humpers Left leg out
  • 10x Air Humpers Right leg out
  • 50x Flutters IC
  • 24x Back Scratchers IC

– Friday Run Day – All run paces are welcome
– May 26th (Saturday) @ 6:30am at Coligny Beach – convergence of Low Country AO’s for a morning workout on the beach. Watch out for sharks, jelly fish and Squids short shorts.

  • Prayer Requests
    Everyone is good.
  • Moleskin:
    – The next #theBuck anniversary that falls on a workout day is May 3rd , 2022.
    – The term Slaughter Starter will be changed to the Dabo Starter
    – Ballcock crabwalks faster than a real crab
    – It takes an anniversary to get PAX from other AO’s to join #theBuck

Special thanks to Urkel who helped put this together with the Q support. Great output by the PAX and showing support for each other and this AO. It’s always pleasure exercising with you gents and developing fellowship as we go along.

Saludos – Handy Manny


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