F, Mary, Kill

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer 

  • When: May 8, 2018
  • QIC: MeatGazer
  • The PAX: (20) Shingles, Hard Hat, Narcos, Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Bartman (Respect),  Ghost, Spalding, Meat Gazer, Ambien, JV, Go Daddy, Squid, Narco, Minivan, Spicoli, Captain Crunch, Cookies, HiZone (guest from Highlands) (FNG)=Snocone
  • Conditions: 60 degrees and well Perfect!

Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise):

  • SSH x 20
  • TTT x15
  • Arm circles x 10 (forward and back)
  • 10 Tempo Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey around Kroger center and to the field.

At the home field:


Partner up and form line across field.

1 PAX runs round of suicides

Other PAX holds 6 inches.


Upon completion of set we repeat but with a Bear Crawl suicides. Yes announcement by Q was met with standing ovation.

1 PAX does bear crawl suicides

Other PAX holds 6 inches

Upon completion of both sets we Mosey.

Back to field and circle up.

Pre (Mary) Mary

Plank up, Plank down, Right arm up, Left arm up

Hello Dolly x20

American Hammer x20

Flutters x40

V Ups x20

40 LBC’s

Air Humps x 20

Time to Mosey around track


Back to Suicide line

No partners this time

-Normal round of running suicides

-Immediately followed by Bear Crawl suicides with a twist (on way back to start reverse Bear Crawl).

-Finishing Suicides with Modified Crab Walk.

Mary: (IC)


Flutters x 40

V Ups x 20

Guantanamo Circle of PAX 6 inches, Each PAX runs circle pushing down PAX feet while trying to maintain the 6 inches.




Prayer Requests: Prayers for Shondra (JV) for the rough path ahead and poor decision but need for help and direction. Also prayers for Meat Gazer and his wife in their adoption Journey. Unspoken prayers for the group.

Announcements:   Mud run 2 teams are complete

Convergence at Coligny Beach is only about 2 weeks away.  Be there or be a beach ball.

Ambien has the VQ on Thursday.  Be there.



As always honored and humbled by the men that stand with me. Great workout!

Always be Gazing,

Meat gazer out-

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