It’s a Beautiful Day, Don’t let it get away,…

Pax:  Spaghetti-O, Nae-Nae, Cookies (respect), Bartman (respect), Hi-Viz, Squid, Capt Crunch, Narco, Shingles, Snow Cone, Spicoli, Hard Hat, Ghost, Chumbucket, JV, Ambien (QIC), Welcome to Floater!

Conditions:  65, clear, awesome

Disclaimer:  I am not a paid professional.  Please forgive me for what I do. Today is Bono’s birthday.

The Thang:

Warm up

            31 SSH IC (31 years ago The Joshua Tree was released:))

            20 Imp Walker IC

            15 TTT IC

            ACs x 15 both ways

Mysterious ways Mosey around Kroger – 31 total burpees at 3 stations along the way

Double Quarter Pounder – (Bono’s favorite food??)

  • Sprint 25% of Shelter Cove field, do first exercise, run backwards to starting point, then run 50% of field, do that exercise, run backwards, etc

            1st marker:  25 Merkins

            2nd marker:  58 mt climbers (Bono is 58 today)

            3rd marker:  75 squats

           4th Marker: 100 SSH (2 count)

            Rinse & Repeat

Round of 7s – big boys and Merkins, walking lunge 10 steps in between

Mary – “Sing this with me this is 40”

        40 dips on wall      

        40 flutter kicks

        40 shoulder taps

Announcements:  Yacht Club 1st anniversary Q to be held at Coligny Beach on Saturday May 26 at 6:30.  Wear old shoes, silkies, and be ready to shower off when it’s over.  

Prayers:  Bartman’s father diagnosed with colon cancer and starting to go through treatment so keep him in your prayers.  Prayers for Meat Gazer and wife as they go through adoption process.

Moleskin:  Thought for today:  “Stop asking God to bless what you’re doing. Find out what God’s doing. It’s already blessed.” – Bono.  Sometimes we are so busy asking God to bless me or bless us that we don’t take time to understand that He is already doing things and we should follow.  Let’s be good men, husbands, co-workers, citizens, sons, fathers, etc to all we encounter every day.  

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