Best intentions…




72 degrees, high humidity, still wind and 100% of sand gnats


Bartman, Shingles, Willie Willie, Hardhat, Narco, Spaghetti-O, Salsa (FNG), Meatgazer, Chumbucket, Junior Varsity, Cookies, Spicolli, Singlet, Cap’n Crunch, Snow Cone, Brutus, Hermanos (FNG), Squid-QIC



SSH x 5 IC

PAX mosey to the iconic Neptune sculpture in Shelter Cove.


Blackjack Ladder: Complete a round of Merkins then jailbreak up the entrance road to the intersection of Shelter Cove Ln and mosey back for another round of Merkins, descending one rep at a time.

21 Merkins, run

20 Merkins, run

19 Merkins, run

18 Merkins, run

17 Merkins, run

16 Merkins, run

These lower reps make it boring…lets do something different.

21 V-Ups, run

20 V-Ups, run

19 V-Ups, run

19 V-Ups, run

18 V-Ups, run

17 V-Ups, run

16 V-Ups, run

15 V-Ups, run

Either run to round up the six or alternate continuous Merkins/V-Ups.

Mosey to the Stadium walkway, collect the six then do 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey down the walkway to the tunnel, collect the six then do 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the gas station, collect the six then do 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the compass rose, collect the six then do 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the intersection, collect the six and line up shoulder to shoulder for an abbreviated Suicide: jailbreak to the speed bump, back to the start and then all the way down the street to the flag.

4 MOM:

While YHC grabbed his phone, JV leads the PAX with Flutters x 20 IC.

Upon YHC’s return, his favorite finishing exercise begins: one PAX calls cadence for Flutters x 10 while everyone else does leg lifts, rotate giving each PAX a turn at Flutters (this is fun with large turnouts). Done.


Welcome Salsa and Hermanos!


Several PAX have life events and situations that are being dealt with prayerfully. Doing so together is powerful.


-After seeing a social media photo of Cap’n Crunch eating pizza, YHC had a craving for pizza and Merlot. This entire workout was designed to get some Merlot out of Crunch. To his credit, he hung in there and never splashed. Keep coming back, brother!

-Spaghetti O’s 2.0, Salsa, hardly broke a sweat.

-It’s amazing how something as simple as a bandanna can transform Hardhat’s look from that of a clean cut sales guy to a lead singer for a G-n-R cover band.

-As usual, #TheYachtClub’s A/V Team rose to the occasion.

-While leading a workout meant to inflict pain, YHC was beat. In total, we covered just over 4 miles plus the exercises. Thanks for the encouragement and push!

We have an incredible thing happening here, let’s maximize the momentum. Think of three guys that you know and commit to asking them three times a week for the next three weeks. When they give you excuses (they WILL give you excuses), come to one of the guys that’s been involved for a while and we’ll help you refute their pansy-ass pushback.

It was an honor to lead, as it always is.

Squid, OUT

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