Rocks, Running and New Jungle Gym

Conditions – 80 hot and a bit still –

Pax – Crack, EEEEEE!!!!, 1 mile, Wipeout, Cpl Klinger, Mr. Myagi, Conroy QIC (snubbed by Fumes and Grape Juice who were sighted playing by themselves on 7 mile loop run which hurt Crack’s feelings)

Warmup – Mosey around the parking lot – back to flag

SSH IC x 30  mosey to the new day dock with shuttle steps and backwards run

LBAC in Air Chair IC x 20 fwd then 20 backward, then 20 raise the roof, then 20 overhead clap all while continuously in Air Chair – burned

TTT x 20

IW x 20

Main Events –

Dock line of fire – while still on day dock all pax plank in line facing opposite directions down the line – all pax facing park – do 10 merkins while pax facing Bft River put fist under the Merkin performing pax chest to ensure proper form – switch – then 9 , then 8 … down to 1.

Bear crawl up long gang plank –

mosey, then run, then jailbreak to other side of park x 3.

slow dips in Cadence x 15 then 15 count Balls to wall, then 10/10, then 5/5

Get Rocks – crab walk pavilion with rocks on chest.

box jump up 3 steps with rocks on up alternating then reverse jump down x20 – nobody liked this –

run with Rock back to Day dock

Rock a by baby with rock x 15 – 8 count exercise IC – rock overhead and back to chest  1,2 rock out to left side and back to chest 3,4 then out front and back to chest 5,6 and filanlly to right and back to chest 7,8. killer.

Immediately to curl x15 then to press straight in front x 15 with alternate 15 – 20 second holds x 15 then overhead x 15

Bear crawl up the gang plank 2×2 go back down and get rock

With Rocks – mosey, then run, then jailbreak to end of park – put rocks back on drain

run to flag

COT – countarama, nameorama

Announcements – Convergences on Memorial day weekend at Coligny and June 16 at Pritchards – need to share with rest of the Lowcountry AOs

Pray for Crack’s Dad – Gave thanks and prayed to be all we can be at home, at work and in our communities

Roboto has Q on Wednesday and GrapeJuice on Friday.

Honor and a Privilege to lead this group. Out –




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