300 on Deck


It was still a little soggy on the ground, but the weather was great.  Not too humid yet.

18 PAX crawled out of the fartsack for the 300 in the parking deck.

Here’s who showed: Cookies, Shingles, Chumbucket, Meatgazer, FNG Brian “Tramp Stamp, Mad Dog, Half Back, Bartman, GoDaddy, Spicoli, MiniVan, Captain Crunch, Hardhat, Singlet, Spalding, SpaghettiO, Hermano

Warm Up

10 SSH/10 Burpees for 3 sets

Mosey to the Parking Deck

50 Merkins/50 Squats/50 Flutters

Rev Bear Crawl to the turn then Sprint to next level and repeat to the top then Run back down to ground level and do two more sets to close out at 300 total for each exercise.

Mosey back to the field.

Grab a partner for a buddy drag and flap jack half way to SF.

Circle up at the SF for some more Flutters courtesy of Chumbucket while the Q grabbed his phone.


Announcements about Memorial Day Weekend Convergence 26th at Coligny Beach.  MudRun is coming up on Sat.

Welcome to our Charlotte Brothers and our FNG.


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