Heads and shoulders knees and toes

AO: buck

Pax: Madoff, big perm, snowflake, Joker, big spur, Scrappy, Dabo, brokeback, Oracle, Yo Yo Ma, Handy Manny, Buckeye, Coach K

Conditions balmy 75 degrees light sprinkle.

Warm up: jumping jacks, windmills, through the tunnel, Imperial walkers, little baby arm circles.

The thing:


Upper Body:

10 pull ups 10 chin up with spotters

sit ups and swimmers.

Mosey to the wall.

Handstands and overhead presses for 30 seconds.

60 Wall dips

30 Durkins,

100 overhead claps.

Run a quarter of a mile.


50 lbc,

50 bicycles,

30 big boys,

15-6 inches.

Run a quarter of a mile.


30 step UPS,

50 air squats,

30 Cav raises each leg.

Run a quarter of a mile

repeat all of the above.

Indian run back to the pad.


5 minutes led by democracy.


Saturday Memorial Day weekend will be a 630 workout at Coligny Beach for all local AOS.

Prayer request: handyman Manny traveling out of the country next week prayer for safe return. Pray for wisdom for graduates as they move on to the next phase in life.


20 pull-ups is hard even with a spotter. After 2 years I still don’t know the names of a lot of our exercises. Overhead presses while in a handstand position works better for certain body types. While doing Mary do not let Dabo call out an exercise after a hard workout. According to Madoff a wall can be very short and very tall depending on what exercise you’re doing.

It’s an honor to the lead this great group of men.



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