The Mud Run is dubbed the “F3 Superbowl”.  In years past it has boasted 400 PAX and basically became a convergence of all of F3 Regions.  This year had the same festive and fellowship building as the years before.  It was actually the first Ultimate Challenge YHC has participated in since F3.  Something was always scheduled for the same day, but this year was different.  The schedule was clear.  With the fresh PAX at the Yacht Club and some interest in Bluffton it was a great opportunity to participate in the event.

9-10 Men were interested and we ended up with one injured so we filled two 4 Man teams perfectly.  Chumbucket, Peaches, Urkel and Postal made up Lowcountry 2 and YHC, Bartman, Hardhat and Spicoli made up Lowcountry 1.

We met up for departure a little earlier than necessary.  0515 at Jacoby and Sons in Bluffton.  Hardhat and Spicoli made fast time in getting us to our objective.  Hardhat had two coolers loaded down with water, Gatorade and beer.  He even brought us Clif bars so we wouldn’t need a breakfast stop.   We rolled in without any trouble and were d@mn near the first PAX there.  Front row parking!  There of course was #mumblechatter about my making us get there at 0515 when we were almost an hour early.  Note for next year, it is a faster trip than YHC thought.  If you’re on time you’re late, right?

We settled in, geared up, checked in and got rid of the bacterial back up from the night before and hung out until our start times.  Lowcountry 1 was supposed to start at 085815 and Lowcountry 2 at 0859.  Somehow we started a few minutes late.  No matter with the chip timers.  The weather was still perfect for running and both teams settled into their respective paces.

YHC is certain that Lowcountry 2 enjoyed the comraderie, workout and challenge the run brought for all involved.  We all helped each other over obstacles, helped other teams and were helped by other teams.  It’s a perfect F3 event, because you are pushing yourselves hard, but still taking the time to reach back and pull someone up with you.  It’s what we are here for!

Dredd mentioned during his intro comments, that the mud run always reminded him of how God pulled him from the muck and the mire and that as a team and in the BOM and COT that’s what we do for each other as well.  One may make it through life alone, but a life with Brothers by your side will be a constant evolution of progress, polishing the edges and sharpening the iron.  Never shall I leave a fallen comrade.  Leave no man behind and leave no man the way you found him.

It was a great day of fellowship for all of F3.  F3 Summerville did a great job organizing and Hot Spot and Major Dad were awesome in their leadership.

Following a few burgers and beers the Men of the Lowcountry loaded up and headed S for home.

Great job Men.  SYITG


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