Pax: Gambit, Buckeye, Big Easy, Brokeback, Chumbucket, Spaulding, Joker, Snowflake, Peaches, Diapers, Compost, Stubbs, Ray, Big Spur, Cubby, Gump, QIC Stones


SSH x 30 IC

Mosey to Intersection of Tabby Shell & Boundary

The thang:

Mosey 3 mile loop with the following exercises at each intersection:

10 Merkins

10 LBCs

10 Squats

*10 Burpees (at right turns)


Flutters x 50 IC


Good work by all.  I like to do this work out every once in a while as a quality check #QC for the new guys.  If you think you can’t show up for run day and run 3 miles, you are wrong.  You just did approximately 3 miles with 150 merkins, 150 crunches, and 150 squats.  T-claps to Stubbs for pushing through the workout and the pax for encouraging him along the way.  #nomanleftbehind.  Compost consistently wears horrible t-shirts.  #pleasemakeitstop Gambit’s parenting advice, “Please don’t raise your kids to be as soft as you.” #classicgambit  As usual, I enjoyed leading this group of men.  If you haven’t stepped up to Q, the time is now.  If you aren’t comfortable leading alone, let me know and I will co-Q.  #ISI


Stones out

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