Hangin with Mr. Cooper

DATE: 5/22/2018

QIC:  ChumBucket

The PAX: Hard Hat, Cookies, JV, Tramp Stamp, Spicoli, Bartman, Meat Gazer, Narco, Spaghetti-O, Minivan, NeNe, Mini-Me(from Charlotte), Squid, Hermano, Singlet, Big Al, Floater, Snow Cone, Captain Crunch, Spaulding, Cardinal (FNG), Weinstein (FNG), Beater (FNG)

Conditions: 75 degrees with just a little humidity


IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x 30
– TTT x 15

– Arm Circles x15 forward/backward

– Mosey 1/3mile, stop for six (plank or circle back), 20 Merkins

-Mosey 1/3mile, stop for six (plank or circle back), 20 Burpos (Burpee while staying in squat position)

-Mosey 1/3 mile, stop for six (plank or circle back), 20 Merkins

-Jailbreak to fountain, stop for six (plank or circle back)

-4 rounds of Butkus on the curb (quick step ups for 1min, 30 second recovery)

The Thang:
The Cooper

-10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 10 one legged squats per leg, 10 dips

-Lap around track

Repeat about exercises at 9, 8, 7…

-Lap around track after completing each set


-Called for time

Circle up for 6 MOM around Flag

Flutters x 50

American Hammers x 25

Plank to finish



Memorial Day Convergence at Coligney Beach 6:30am HHI

– Minivans father-in-law

– Floaters Friend Gil


Its great to see our Yacht Club numbers continue to rise and its always great to have visitors from out of town show up (even if he critiqued my plank form).

Thanks for helping each other work through the Gloom.


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