Memorial Day Convergence

Lowcountry Convergence



PAX: Gambit, Buckeye, Snowcone, Bartman, Chumbucket, Hermano, Stones, Judge Judy, Diapers, Harvey Updike, Spalding, Spaghetti O, Ballcock, Meatgazer, BigEasy, FloRide, Zima, John Hall, ThroatCancer, Ambien, Hardhat, Radar, Willie Willie, Squid, Dabo, Swanson, Pesci, Shingles, Eeee, GoTri, Trifecta, Caprera, HiLiter, Gas Mark, Sweeney, Conroy, Jack Sparrow, Peaches, WhipporWill, PaulaDean, Toothless, MiniVan, Spicoli, FNG Keene Reese named Blindside (Apologies to a few PAX as not all of them were clear in the recording.)

46 PAX gathered for the Memorial Day Convergence on Coligny Beach, HHI hosted by the Yacht Club.  Huge T-claps to Dabo and Squid for gathering equipment and helping with planning and set-up.

Squid worked us into the warm up with some 25 SSH’s/ Imperial Walkers and a plunge in the surf followed by 10 hand release Burpees, which was basically a sand coating.

We counted off 1-5 then grabbed a Team Leader for each Team.  YHC briefed the Team Leaders then they put the plan out to their teams.  We had a competition with 10 stations.

Station 1 – Bear crawl out and back

Station 2 – Suicides in the soft sand

Station 3 – Crab Walk out and back

Station 4 – 50 Star Bursts

Station 5 – Tire flips or buckets of sand carries out and back

Station 6 – Sprint with empty bucket to buoy and fill with water and return it

Station 7 – Sprint sandbag to buoy and back

Station 8 – 50 Merkins

Station 9 – 25 Burpees

Station 10 – 50 Flutter Kicks

Final Station was a buddy carry once all of your team was together.

We finished up earlier than YHC planned so we worked on some COP’s.

First Squid led us to the surf for team sit-ups in the water.  Then we launched into a partner Dora and finished up with 10 Burpees per Min for 5 Min’s.


During NameORama each PAX stated their F3name and the name of someone who died in the service of our Country.  We talked about sheepdogs and wolves and then got into our prayer.  Specifically remembering what the Memorial Day weekend is all about.

It was a somewhat confusing workout, well executed by the PAX and Team Leaders.  Memorial Day Murph Challenge at the Yacht Club on Monday.

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