Whip it.

The Pax (whip q)
Judy, Coach K, Snowflake, Joker, Ray, Queenie (FNG), Flatline (FNG)

98 degrees give or take….

Instruction and I’m not a pro…don’t sue.

Warm Up: 
SSH x 20
TTT x 20
Arm Circles x 18 front and back.

Mosey to Parking LOT for one stroll.


The Thang…
Amrap with Partner

120 Pull Ups
100 Big Boy Sit Ups
50 Burpees

Back to Pad.
Carry Partner to across Pad. Exchange.

Pax line up across pad for a bear crawl indian crawl.

Repeat x 2


Flutters x 35
Freddie Mercs x 15 slooooowwwwww and hold.
Flutters x 30
Freddie Mercs x 10 sloooooowwwww on each rep.
Flutters x 20
Freddie Mercs x 6 sloooooooowwwww on each rep.


No announcements except Run Day Friday.

Light Crowd, 2 FNGS made it fresh and clean. YHC wanted to make sure they enjoyed their time….sorta.
Pax this morn were all guys who regularly commit to pushing it to the max….and each other. The pull-ups were a great idea until about number 2 or 3. Ray is not a real person, but his shoes are. Judy poops regular (or above average). Joker and Snowflake are like watching the old Jordan and a young Jordan play basketball… Coach K is the nicest person alive who is also in better shape than most people on the planet as well….Welcome  FNG’s David Castro (flatline) and Kevin King (Queenie).

Whip it good…out.

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