Nicole is Back

Date:  6/9/2018

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Gambit, Dwight, Compost, Big Spur, FNG Bob Ross, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:   Cloudy and humid

Disclaimer: YHC has no training, is not a professional, has no skill, exercise at your own risk.

6 PAX strolled into the AO for 60 minutes of mumblechatter, fitness, and fellowship.


-Seal Jack x 20 IC

-Imperial Squat Walker x 20 IC

-SSH x 30 IC

-TTT x 20 IC

-ATM x 20 / 10 / 10 IC

-Smurf Jack x 15 IC

-Mountain Climber x 20 IC

-Mary Catherine x 20 IC

-Copperhead Squat x 20 IC

-Hand Release Merkin x 10 OYO

Extra long warm-up in hopes that our HCs will make a late appearance, but no dice so the PAX press on.

PAX mosey, run backwards, and karaoke left and right towards Bridge Street, turn right on Bridge and bear crawl across the bridge and end at Dubois Park for:


YHC explains the routine “Nicole” (.25 mile run around the block, max set of pull-ups, hand release merkin x 10, V-up x 10) and PAX are on the move for the 20 minute AMRAP.  After crushing some pull-ups, PAX move to the picnic tables for a 10 count followed by:

-Dip x 30 SC (single count), Derkins x 10 SC, Dip x 15 SC, Derkin x 5 SC

15 MOM of the Move:

-PAX move to the road and mosey to the stop sign at Bridge Street for Crunchy Frog x 20 IC and one round of 4×4 (start with hands above the head, burpee to plank position, perform four merkins, perform four mountain climbers each leg, burpee back up) OYO.

-Mosey to the bridge, Bear Crawl back across the bridge, and mosey to Pritchard for Flutterkick x 30 IC and one round of 4×4.

-Fast mosey to the Magnolia tree and circle up in the parking lot for Seal Jack x 20 IC and one round of 4×4.

-PAX circle back up at the flag for High Plank followed by Chilly Jack x 20 IC and DONE!


Naked Man Moleskin:

-YHC missed his HC no shows this morning and made reference to them throughout the WO.

-YHC and Gambit got a glimpse of what they will look like in 40 years as running buddies, God willing.

-Compost continued his consistent and steady Saturday WO attendance.  Best in the #MOB.

-Bob Ross displayed outstanding V-Up form that all PAX should emulate and made his first post on a Saturday to get an extra 15 minutes of work in.  Good work and welcome!

-Big Spur crushed the pull-ups.

-Dwight dominated.

-An honor and privilege to lead as always! #selfdiscipline

Buckeye OUT

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