Bataan Death March. (Attempted)


Humid and warm with Hard Hat on the Q.

On deck;  Hard Hat, Captain Crunch, Scoops (2.0), Spaghetti’O, Goose (Double respect), Sub Prime, Armano, Squid, Sea World (visitor), Mini Van, Spicolli, Chum Bucket, Silveradu, Brutish.

Warm Up

Mosey into plank while every man does 10 pull UPS.

Bataan Death March – Indian run while last man completes 5 burpees and then sprints to the front of the line.  Ventured around Shelter Cove for about one mile.

Eleven’s – Dips and push UPS.  Reversed order on the group and they were not happy.  I guess you could call it 22’s.

Wall step UPS – 20 on each leg without foot coming off wall. 5 burpees for the group while Squid made a head call.  Thank you for the detailed account of the toilet paper struggles.

Mosey around the circle with lunges, bear crawls and V UPS.

Circle up for Mary; flutters, hello dolly, LBC’s, Plank.

Count off (14), announcements and prayers.

Enjoyed the fellowship over coffee at the Yacht Club Headquarters.


Hard Hat Out!

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