PLEASE, no Burpees…


78 degrees, 5 kts West


Floater, Goose, Bartman, Cube, Shingles, Cookies, Beater, Spaghetti’O, Narco, Spaulding, Chumbucket, Crab Cake, Cap’n Crunch, Radar, Go Daddy, Weinstein, Ambien, Minivan, Doughboy, Cardinal, Hermano, Duffle, LaMonte, Squid-QIC



Let’s mosey!


Follow our 1 mile route, with stops for Squats.

Circle up at the pavilion at the end of the park for a Merkin Ring Of Fire.

Follow our 1 mile route, with stops for Squats.

Totals: 2.2 miles (those who circled for the six have more), 200 Squats (the real ones, not just knee bends) and 55 Merkins.





Unspoken prayer requests.


After a brutal Wed at #MOB, it was requested that we do no Burpees today. We didn’t. Spread throughout the run were stops for Squats. Why Squats? Well, it never hurts to strengthen our hips AND this exercise provides the best opportunity for mumblechatter. We have several new PAX so we covered the 5 Core Principles of F3 and we discussed how to invite Sad Clowns, being sure to cover the most common objections. There are some reminders below:

-“The time does not work for me.”

*What else are you doing at 0515hrs?

*The only things open at 0515hrs are The Yacht Club, convenience stores, and the E.R. I’ve seen who hangs out at the other places, you should come to The Yacht Club. Let’s get started tomorrow morning.

-“I need to get in shape first.”

*You don’t put on a buzz before you go to the bar. Let’s get started tomorrow.

-“I have a gym membership.”

*The membership is only good if you use it.

*Cool, keep your gym membership. Some of our guys lift on their own, as well.

*Does your gym hold you accountable by calling to see why you skipped? Let’s get started tomorrow morning.

We’ve grown considerably and we need to keep it up. As long as you can look around your office, neighborhood or grocery store and see slump-shouldered schmucks who have either forgotten how to be a man or, perhaps never were shown, then we have guys who could use what we have. Don’t be shy about inviting guys to join us in the gloom. You know they need it and deep down, in that dark little spot inside that we don’t talk about at polite parties, that place where we actually sort out the truth from the b.s., guys all want what we have. In the lexicon of F3, confronting guys to come out with us is called an Emotional Headlock or EH. Keep EH’ing! We have an entire island to change.

It is an honor to lead this group, always.

Squid, OUT.




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