July 4th Stars and Stripes tribute




77 degrees, E 0-5kts, mild humidity


Zebco (Greenville, SC), Meatgazer, Bartman, Jar Jar (Johnson City, TN), Radar, Snipe, Schnitzel, Brownie, Hard Hat, Shingles, Cookies, Chumbucket, Ambien, Spaulding, Singlet, Spaghetti’O, Narco, Spicoli, Chicken Noodle (Cape Fear, NC), Squid-QIC…and some wayward PAX from another AO who was waiting to begin the Firecracker 5k; upon spotting a bunch of HIMs around a SF, ran up and jumped in for Mary.


YHC is not certified and barley qualified to lead this workout. You are exercising at your own risk.


When asked what year our Nation was born, Brownie said, “1778.” This will be re-visited later. For now, let’s begin with:

17 x Star Bursts

Mosey to the WatersEdge Building.


Our national flag has 50 stars and 13 stripes, so will our workout.

-Up the stairs to the third deck, across the building and back down to the parking lot for Burpees x 4.

-Rinse and repeat for 12 rounds.

-Up the stairs to the third deck, across the building and back down to the parking lot for Burpees x 2.

Total of 50 Burpees and 13 Stair rounds.

Mosey to SF.


The PAX finished with Flutters x 78. Afterwards, Brownie realized that our nation was founded in ’76.



Prayers of thanksgiving for our blessing of living in a nation where we can do what we do without permission from anyone. Not everyone has that opportunity.


I spoke with Dabo early in the week and the intention was to have TYC and MOB perform the same workout but the infrastructure for the Firecracker 5k made it nearly impossible for us to use the Pull Up bars. At a later date, there will be a competition.

It is humbling to lead this amazing group of men. Step up to Q and you will realize what I mean.

Squid, OUT!


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