Am I being hazed right now?

Pax: FloRide, Peaches, Urkel, Uncle Rico, Stones, BlindSide, Gas Mask, Sawed off, Judge Judy, Madoff, Ballcock, Big Perm, Big Spur, Coach K, Wet Wipes, Roper, TP, Q-Whip

A roundup of sweat, support, and love for our buddy YOYO.

Conditions: Freezing Cold in Parkers.

Warm Up

Mosey around Lot picking up remaining PAX that arrived at 5:16AM


Warm UP More.. with THE THANG
Mountain Climber x 24
1 Burpee
Mountain Climbers x 12
1 Burpee
Mountain Climbers x 24
1 Burpee
Mtn. Climbers x 12


Bearcrawl Snake. x 2

Bearcrawl Relay 2 teams of 9.

Circle Up

Dolly x 24
Big Boys x 12
LBC x 24
Supermans x 12
Toe Touches x 24
Plank 1:12 minute
American Hammers x 24
V Ups x 12
Canoe Right
Canoe Left
Dolly Cross x 24
Plank 1:12

2 Burpees
4 Burpees
6 Burpees
8 Burpees
10 Burpees

Plank for 1:12

Freddie Mercuries x 24
Flutters x 24
12 Burpees



Moleskin: In the midst of a dead silence of sweating hairy men the voice of a one Jacob Conan Deuel rising from the gloom and whispers, “I feel like I’m being hazed right now.”
-Madoff can bearcrawl like a bank robber can run.
-Stones is funnier than most comedians you listen to.
-Will went to Mexico and hasn’t been seen since.
-I want to be built like Rush Lowther. Giant.
-Wet Wipes was early and outworked most of us.
-Oldfield was well represented.
-T-Claps to Judge for the EC.
-…Most of all Josh Hicks was present!

Prayers for all the requests that were mentioned today. Also continued prayers for YoYo in recovery. Josh Hicks is a great human being. It was pleasure to Q to give him a break today.


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