Spaulding, Roker, Hard Hat, Wet Wipes, Madoff, Big Spur, Stones, Urkel, Joker, 12 Gage, Chumbucket, Diapers, Flea, Peaches, Gambit, Big Perm, Hard Hat, Judy (QIC)

Really no humidity at all and a nice cool breeze. Perfect.


SSH x 20
TTT x 20
AC x 25
Jack Webb slowish count

11s at Calhoun Street Dock burpee/starburst

Tempo Merkins x 10 (repeat)

Prayer requests: Pray for a clean report for YOYO. Pray for Gambit’s grandfather and their family. Pray for Stone’s M and her family for comfort as they deal with the loss of her aunt.

Announcements: 2 PAX needed to complete the Ragnar teams. See Stones or Food Stamps.


  1. The MOB facility is in the best shape ever. Landscaping groomed to perfection. Don’t miss a workout at the MOB. Pristine.
  2. Yesterday at the Buck Wet Wipes talked about how difficult it is to post two days in a row. He then posts two days in a row. Solid.
  3. T-claps to the PAX traveling from the Island. Committed.
  4. T-claps to Stones for a post workout EC run. RAGNAR!
  5. Posting is always more fun with Flea out there yelling. Rockstar.

JJ out.

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