Always Brush with Floride, or Not…


PAX: Roker, Gas Mask, Judge Judy, Joker, Snowflake, Ballcock,+1 and Handy Manny (QIC)



Warm Up (IC):

SSH x 30

Arm Circles (x15F\x15B)

WM x 20

TTT x 20

Mosey to the wall

x50 dips, x50 LBC
x40 dips, x40 LBC
x30 dips, x30 LBC
x20 dips, x20 LBC
x10 dips, x10 LBC

Each parking lot light island is a station – six stations total
Starting from the wall, station 1 – x30 merkins, lunge walk to the next station, repeat to station 6
Starting at station 6 – x40 squats, bear crawl top the next station going, repeat going back to station 1.

Mosey to the school entrance, jail break back to the pad


40 Flutters


Announcements: Can’t remember

Pray Requests: None specific, thankful for health and fellow PAX


This was a Floride Q but the alarm failed us this AM. Joker was willing to step up but YHC wanted to get a 2nd Q in July and took advantage. This Q was on the fly but was also based on a Joker Saturday Q that sucked. The PAX were warned. A few things to point out:

  • Joker doesn’t like more than 30 SSH
  • Everyone is convinced Floride stayed up all night with the new 2.0
  • Lunge walks are like overhead claps, pointless
  • Ballcock can crabwalk faster than bear crawling
  • It sucks not having your phone to record who showed. If anyone is left out I apologize

It’s always good to lead a great group of men.


Handy Manny


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